You’re lying

Yes, everyone has their own truth, but that an intelligent man does not become easier, because now the information space of the pressure from all sides, we shall brain opposite in nature, judgments. One Professor says one thing, another says another scientist, and grandfather Kuzmich from your porch for a bottle of vodka say anything. And there is no objective truth, unfortunately or fortunately. But it is we, ordinary people who want to get closer to rational thought, and not to be Voodoo dolls in this horrible plastic game.

But in this case how to evaluate all these information layers? How to disassemble the «hot» news or argue with your friends that are nonsense? Or, what is particularly interesting, how to understand what nonsense are you talking about? We offer you a detailed guide, painted on hundreds of pages, we only advise you to put any information and sources to ruthless violence in order to ascertain their viability. I hope, you know, so we will continue reading.

Facts and morality

First, let’s talk about morality, in the context of this text is important.

Our beloved fellow citizens and in the clouds that do not assess the facts, and their moral overtones. This is a very fertile ground for all sorts of unfounded statements and theatrical gestures, which are taken seriously. Now people are skeptical of statistics, reviews of industry experts, whether unofficial sources, however, take for granted any «stuffing» which is close to their ethical sentiments. There is a whole science, called propaganda, which only deals with the study of methods that help to get into the stream of public approval. And make no mistake, friend. Propaganda is everywhere, not only in Russia and in the States.

To dissociate itself from this horror, just look at the source and ask the question: «this story is a bastard, whether there is in this story a hero?» If both answers are positive, then the source is so-so. The information contained in it, has ceased to be the simple fact, she turned in a wonderful blanket of subjectivity. On this splendor at least constructed fiction and motivational books. But we do not use the conventional «the Lord of the Rings» to win the argument, right? Treat the source of the careless and barbaric, destroy all hints of good and evil, the civilization of the path and leave just the fact that it was the place to be. You will be surprised, but many reporters after this procedure will be only a few words.

The personality of the specialist

But even after all of these movements you are far from being able to talk about the facts. You always need to keep in mind the sources that are trusted. And enjoy the confidence among the mass public, and among a narrow circle of specialists. When you read the book some «psychologist», make sure this psychologist at least is really a psychologist. Maybe he had a terrible practice, and his methods were not working. Perhaps the book contains a lot of inaccuracies and errors that have a negative impact on readers. Maybe he’s just a charlatan, what many in the modern era.

We have no doubt that very many scientists did not use their time respected in the scientific community, but did his job correctly. They made the most important discoveries, changing the world. However, for the first time minimizes risks. Try to adhere to the standard in the environment of scientific information. Stop conducted on all sorts of weird theories from the channel Ren TV.

Nice ideas

Not everything you like is true. And the idea that pleasant sound, always had a potentially explosive atmosphere. So there was a lot of public viruses that destroy man, destroy the state, lead to a dead end. And when there’s something pleasant, you begin to fit the facts under the opinion, and not Vice versa. Is there such guilt in your life? Try to figure it out. Maybe when you start to disassemble their views on the components, you will see that behind the tinsel lies empty.

The experience of the witnesses

In the end, the true indicator of truth will be your own experience and memories of eyewitnesses. It is foolish to claim that Russia has never been repression when the story of his own family shows the opposite. It is pointless to talk about the myth of the Holocaust, when your ancestors came under the hot hand of German militarism. Hated to talk about the lack of economic crisis in Russia, when you and your family eats two times less, paying twice.

Of course, not everyone has the opportunity to contact their loved ones. But in this case, you can use diaries, field letters, and even fiction books (if they are written based on memories). Yes what far to walk? We have the Internet which gives us plenty of opportunities to communicate with people who are in their own skin to feel what and how is happening on this planet.

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