«You’re lucky you’re not like everyone else…»

You didn’t get a job in a big company? All your dreams about career development, the dizzying perspectives, the prestigious record in the workbook has gone down the drain?

Do not despair. Not the fact that you’re out of luck. Deprived of the status of the office plankton, you may have avoided a huge pile of other various troubles.

1. The collapse of ambition

Put your hand on your heart, look truth in the eye. If you have no friends in high places and no one you to say a word, it is likely that you’re going for a very long time is somewhere in the middle of the career ladder, be you though seven spans in a forehead. Think «over you» chiefs, deputies and the deputies. Think of all the years and energy you spend overcoming this system. Perhaps you will help intrigue, cunning plans or the ability to substitute some parts of the body. Otherwise, we can only rely on luck or that your shock work will ever be appreciated.

2. You’ll always get less than you earned in fact

Getting a job in a big company, you’re probably going to be stuck in the office for 10-12 hours. You can convince yourself that a hell of heavily loaded that it can see your colleagues and superiors, and last, of course, will give you a nice financial bonus and five hundred a Popsicle as a gift. You will have two holidays. Perhaps you went to a paid overseas trip that will lead you into violent delight. Your skills will give the company a better image, and you fake a sense of financial well-being.

3. You forget how to hear

Order.com.ua_21.08.2014_NohvAXEKzIu6qAt lunch, in the company of friends and loved ones, in the toilet, in the subway, always and everywhere — you’ll be staring at the screen of a smartphone or tablet. You will be vital to check the mail and news every five minutes. After all, if you’re not-then no! Is it any wonder, when friends stop paying attention to you and soon you’ll be the last person with whom you would like to say a word.

4. In this house laugh

To Express violent emotions of joy or delight in reputable offices is not accepted. But if in essence you an inexhaustible source of cheerfulness, it will remain with you, but you just try not to show it, to fit the serious image of your company. Your new accessory will be the mask of the dull shit that can easily firmly latch onto your face, as for many it remains a problem all issues and troubles be left in the walls of the working space.

5. Office sores

manygoodtips.com_21.08.2014_wS1qYi8BQnABbYou will often sick a variety of respiratory diseases. The same consumptive tell you that all the fault of the goddamned conditioning. From the constant sticking in the computer you have will start to hurt my eyes. Dirty keyboard will stay in your system a couple of neighbors. But you got the big insurance, hospital paid pretty well, so why not lie a couple of days in bed as the most patient person in the world? Prepare for the fact that the disease will bring you some satisfaction, and self-pity will become a frequent guest in the gamut of your emotions.

6. A favorite of collectors

Arriving at work in his old but quite fit the car, you open your mouth, seeing in the Parking lot of cool cars their superiors or colleagues. The benefit of the credit system in our country can any your chudil to allow to ruin your life. Over time, your appetite will increase, a sense of self-preservation will lessen, and you’ll get in such debt that you never dreamed of in their worst dreams.

7. «Big as a truck»

manygoodtips.com_21.08.2014_yfhnkGWgZUYN2Stress, sedentary lifestyle, horrible food. You will carry different cookies and pretzels, with it’s gallons of coffee. Lunch business Lunches, made from yesterday’s leftovers. And maybe you’ll send to hell his employment and a perpetual fatigue, will send your body to the gym, only when taking a shower, dropping my eyes you will see only your stomach, and nothing more.

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