You’re doing it wrong: the barriers in your head

manygoodtips.com_14.03.2014_2Y5pEFBNJgJP8Many people incorrectly think, I’m not talking about the logic of the banal, rational and ability to multiply in the mind of large numbers. I’m talking about some of the limitations, mental barriers and other opinions imposed on us by the surrounding world and specific patterns of behavior.

The worst thing we can do is try to be torn between what we want and think and what is imposed on us by society. All around adhere to one point of view, but it seems that things are very different. Someone starts to discuss this topic, and you’re trying to combine it with their personal research and opinions on this subject. You know that other people are wrong, but a lot of them. And here to you in a head the thought creeps in that maybe you don’t know something and can be wrong. In your head begins the real war that rages and makes a huge amount of thoughts, barriers and mutually exclusive options. Sometimes it seems that head is going to explode not today, but certainly tomorrow. As we would not like would not talk to us fashion guides of the crowd in the face of writers and famous figures, a man, if he is not autistic and other serious diseases, depends on the company. Even the most staunch individualist and introvert can be forced to change their point of view or experience a lot of stress from the cognitive dissonance of new knowledge. Instead to reevaluate the new information and pass it through ourselves, we feel lazy, leave this venture, and restless thoughts hovering in our minds, causing stress.

Life is full of stress. For many of us is stress the obstacles and opinions of others that we must continually overcome and rethink. We’re obsessed with the worldly life, take care of every difficult situation. We become irritable and start to make it harmful that you can think of — be exacerbated in the details. Perhaps it’s because of a bad tendency to live life so, just go to the gladiatorial arena and have to survive? After all, what prevents to live simply, to enjoy the process and take everything as a positive experience? That is, I think, the right way to live life.

Today I will try to describe some mental psychological barriers, restrictions, and silly principles that we have in mind and which strongly prevent us from living.

1. You can’t laugh at themselves

«All the nonsense is done with a serious face!» — one well-known book the Baron from a good Soviet film. And he was very right. To be able to laugh at yourself is one of the first steps to freeing yourself from negative thoughts and limitations. If you live life afraid to be who you are, afraid to admit that you have oddities, peculiarities, deficiencies and detachment from the rest of the world, you will never attain a semblance of happiness. Why be ashamed of those things that make you different from others. I’m not going to talk about the uniqueness of snowflakes, but if you have real negative flaws, they just need to change, you have features, you trite don’t be shy. Features I believe what is described here in this article, for example instead of fat on my stomach.

2. To be annoyed when «everything goes wrong»

Let me ask you candidly, what do you mean «everything goes»? Man, never so that everything goes as you want. If all went as I wish the whole world would have been in my possession, and humanity is fun to build robots, a bright future and a rocket to alpha Centauri. There are many that you can’t control. However, this means that you should not try. It’s even worth it. It is not necessary to wring his hands and say, «chief, all is lost!». Fuck the panic, the companion, throw this sentence and such behavior on your head.

3. Grind grievances

Unfortunately, such deficiencies are not only women. Guys, despite the gravity of the eggs, hard ground of old grievances, obmakivayut themes in the spirit of «who said». As much as I like to call it «woman’s mindset», but I won’t, there is still such thing as a «girl thinking». Is the concept of «doing stuff», that’s to grind old grudges — it really is doing stuff. Is to begin, of course, to understand why you even inclined to be offended. If interested, look at the one article.

4. You can’t adapt to changes

If you can’t adapt to change, you’re not living right. Everything is constantly changing, trying to stay in one place can cause your whole life will become a swamp or you’re in a «beautiful moment» will fall from the earth, and you will pass. If people are changing their way of life. If not to change people, change the situation around. Everything is constantly changing, everything is changing and flowing. If you try to stand in one place and attached to things, learn to adapt, you’re like the kids from «South park», who tried to hold on to old memes. The most gorgeous elderly people — those who understand that there is no point to spit in the direction of a changing world — the world is always changing, and this should be treated philosophically. So don’t try to resist, develop, be aware of the changes and try to become a more flexible person. This does not mean that you have become a hypocrite. This means that you can normally interact with the outside world, not considering it as something alien.

5. Can’t you admit that you have flaws

In between trips to the room, three years ago, I sincerely believed that still in normal form. I believe that I have a sports experience, and, consequently, good metabolism and a muscular corset. Only these nishtyaki from poor diet and lifestyle quickly lost its relevance. The muscles become soft, and I have a belly. But I still turned a blind eye to this fact, until I finally had to admit that quitting exercise was not worth the time to start again, not to turn into a thick amorphous a guy who once staggered.

If you’re fat, lazy, have no inclination m*duck, you don’t want to be interested and act like the amoeba, is to admit it and not think that all this is part of your vibrant personality. It lacks the fact that they are yours does not make them better. Time to work, lovely snowflake!

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