You’re doing it wrong: exercise with which all the trouble, the gym is full. The number of girls who are not shy to work with iron. Became more and dudes who have no fear of the rod. It seems to be quiet for a fitness nerd, but no! Oddly enough, despite a sincere interest in working with iron and physical stress, a lot of dudes completely clog the technique, by performing the exercises incorrectly. They did not seem to understand that poor technique not only entails the reducing of the results, but also injuries with weight gain raised you.

Today me and a friend thought it over and decided to write about those exercises that a lot of men and ladies doing it wrong. I even tried to give a more or less clear instructions on how to fix it.

1. Squats


Squats are an important part of weightlifting training. But many guys sacrifice proper technique proper technique lifting heavy weights. There are so many ways to screw it up with squats. The most common mistake in the wrong sit down. Many guys don’t squat to the end, slightly bend your knees, and lift up is only due to a straightening of the knee joint. If you don’t set down parallel to the floor, and preferably even lower, you’re not sat down. Deep squats have always been more effective, and recent research lead to the idea that they are less affect the knee joint. In the squat should involve not only the joint but also the hip. Second, if you squat with weight, do not let him move and pull you back, clearly that will fix it, otherwise it will hit you in the knees and feet. The following error — the lack of deflection in the back, round the back — a blow to the spine. Stop need to look in the same direction, which looks knee. The wider the straddle, the harder it is to maintain the position of the feet, this is to remember, increasing the weight.

To fix that you need, being able to squat correctly. Get up under the neck, take a deep breath and slowly lower your body down. Take ass back, squeeze it, let your body to descend without rounding the back. Keep moving lower and lower until your thigh goes below the knee bend. Ask someone to watch your technique. In extreme cases, can take a picture, in this particular case, it is not condemned. Keeping the knees under the curve, give your body using the power of the hips, waist and back. Elbows keep secure, not rospromles them completely — it is like death. Look ahead, not down, not sideways, and clearly in front of him. Important detail:deep breath on the negative phase and exhale a powerful, perhaps with a cry, — for the positive. Screaming is not specifically necessary, but to hold back from hundred and above is not worth it.

2. Soldiers bench


This classic bench press, unfortunately, is not often used lately and not as popular as the same bench press. I think it’s because a soldier’s bench really not much shake, but the sizes of the virtual «compressed» pounds not bragging just lazy. Soldier’s bench is pretty darn good for the shoulder girdle exercise. The first mistake is to raise the neck is not clearly over your head, like on the diagonal and then shifting it over his head. You have to raise your neck slightly forward and up, bringing it over your head, lower the need for the same path as up. There is another method of lifting which is more reliable, given that you’re going to improve weight. The fretboard rests on the chest, you lift it straight up and the head are a little forward when the neck is lowered, you slightly deviate up lowering the neck on the chest. But do not do it abruptly and dramatically lean backward, with increasing weight there is every chance to break your neck and chest incorrect implementation. Remember the elbows, they should be blocked, not fully opened. Elbows not deployed to the side, they are clearly stamped. A wide grip on the soldier’s bench is not recommended the hands should be level with your shoulders at the top point.

Remember that the movement should be quick and clear.

3. Strap


Good old strap, which if and do not for the proverbial six squares and do is only for the sake of improving the ability to balance your body. The plank is a very simple exercise, standard placket, of course. But many comrades are doing it wrong. The «Golden mean» — an excellent description of the principle of this exercise. Don’t SAG in the ass, not the back is bent bulging, be equal to the Aki Board. Lie on your stomach, elbows to the floor, put your hands or palms down, or make a fist. The elbows should be as close as possible to the body. Raise your body on your fingers, lean and the whole length of the forearm. Make sure that your body absolutely straight from top of head to bottom of feet. The best way to ensure that you straighten up — squeeze inner thighs. This will help you maintain a firm level position. Practice in front of a mirror.

4. Pullups


The most famous exercise, which hundreds and thousands. It deserves a separate article. The most common mistake is not to bring your chin over the bar, a throw to do it half way. The second important error is happening before the new iteration. Your hands are not completely blocked under the crossbar, and a little compressed at the elbows. This gives your business additional small boost, and your body is not getting sufficient return from training.

Use a high enough bar, for example, such that the hang on it you will have to jump. Fingers should not touch the ground, it will be better return from this exercise. So just lean back a little back, use the power hand and pull yourself right up to the crossbar. Your chin must rise over the bar, if you can’t do that, tell the comrades there is nothing wrong.

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