You’re an alcoholic or just like to drink very much?

manygoodtips.com_19.05.2014_sl0bNnrHUJmPmNo matter how bitter it is to admit, alcohol is a socially acceptable behavior in most countries of the globe. Everyone knows that drinking is bad, but hard to drink because it relaxes you, brings together and creates a new topic of conversation. It is recognized that these advantages of alcohol mostly true, but this does not negate the fact that drinking is harmful. If at least once to look into the classification of stages of alcoholism, we can understand that the first, or «household» (aka zero) stage is a huge number of people. And it makes you wonder: do you just drink or is an alcoholic? In a certain period of life, bright in the era of students drink almost everything, but if you have completed training acceptable to drink so much? However, the lack of these habits might say that you’re not an alcoholic, and the alcoholic on the «domestic» stage of alcoholism. Be afraid!

1. You not only get drunk on weekends with avid frequency

It seems to be normal — to have a drink with friends. Indeed, normal, extra words do not say! It is not only what you drink with friends often, the problem is that you get drunk to pig squeal, not less frequently than twice a week. If you just spend time with friends or at the bar, and then intelligently go home tipsy, all right.

2. Whatever intoxication is accompanied by aggression and irritability

What happens when a man have a good drink? Or he falls asleep, or he looks around, or breaks out in to talk, or he wants to eat. But there is another behavior: drinking becomes uncontrollable and very aggressive. It seems that the whole world doesn’t love him that they all want to humiliate his woman and himself. Usually in companies such alcoholic fear: can bite or attack. Many of his comrades think that the guy is just such a character: when not drinking is normal, and when you drink — the unstoppable Hulk. In fact, the irritability and aggression after drinking — the distinctive features of a hardened alcoholic in the first stage.

3. Do you often get drunk to such a state that I do not remember

To drink on a first date a little fortification — normal case. If you got drunk on a date to such a state that I can’t recall the most important details from last night, you have a problem with alcohol! Of course, you drink once, maybe twice, but if you unconscious after a stormy night — a boring routine, you need salvation.

4. The amount of alcohol consumed you in the last month — a huge percentage of the budget

If you once a week to buy a bottle of wine and were drinking it with the wife watching a movie on Friday night, there is no cause for concern. But if alcohol is in your budget for a month is a serious expense, which occupies more than 20-30 percent of the cost, it’s serious.

5. Your actions in a state of alcoholic intoxication made one girl leave you

If you one or two times in my life had a fight with the person or someone rude, being drunk, it’s business as usual. Another thing, if your every intoxication causes suffering all around. Your girl is patient and rude behavior, increased aggression, and loss of self control during the next spree. At one point she left you and more with you not talking. The most unpleasant that you can’t even remember what happened, but I’m sure she’s right, and rarely bitch.

6. You don’t realize that they have become full of shit when they drink

And because of your unshakable confidence that by degrees you is a terrific person, just no one understands it. How many times have you pointed out that you’re becoming worse than the Hulk when I drink, but you stubbornly do not believe in this fact and terribly angry when you talk about it. Especially you rage when someone says that you have to control the consumption of alcohol. You’re okay, and they keep you for an idiot!

7. Everyone knows that on Saturday or any other day you have a hangover or binge

Perhaps it was the occasion for jokes. Knows your wife, and all your companions. For this reason, you avoid.

8. You can always justify your actions

-Why are you drinking now?

-Yes, because that has been a heavy week! You have to relax.

-Don’t you think you drink too often?

Three times a week is often? I have a difficult and hard work, I have cultural rest.

Your every alcohol is your excuse. You will never turn to call myself an alcoholic, because you’re sure you have everything under control. Any attempt to catch you by the hand unsuccessful, for you justify with exceptional zeal.

When talking about your addiction, which you do not believe, delayed, you’re getting incredibly annoying, just just had. Perhaps it’s the fact that you’re aware of the problem.

9. You order food at night because its terribly hungry

If you’re with friends order a pizza at three in the morning because you «punched on havchik» it’s okay. But if you have time to sleep for fifteen minutes between the time of order and time of delivery, although you really didn’t want to sleep, you alcoholic.

10. Drinking before noon is considered normal

On an empty stomach to throw the beer very well. The body needs carbohydrates!

11. Almost every meal in the evening accompanied by alcohol

Even if it’s a glass of cognac during a dinner every day. For a taste! Any attempt to hint your loved ones that you can’t break this habit can lead to another scandal. Think about alcohol you can’t even talk quietly.

Any drink in the cafe for you, always an alcoholic, or you’re ordering alcohol plus something else. You don’t remember when he wasn’t drinking in a cafe. Sometimes comes to the absurd: eclairs washed down with beer. However, the sweet ceases to attract you.

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