Your super-powers you didn’t know


Do you know that your body has some incredible super powers? And we are not talking about the phenomenal ability of your liver to process all that you pour yourself on Fridays. We are talking about real abilities that perhaps you were not even aware.


1 You can predict the weather Correctly — your body can actually predict the weather! If your joints ache, creak, it could mean that storm on the way, and you need to find shelter. This is due to the drop in atmospheric pressure, which decreases the amount of synovial fluid that causes pain in the joints. It’s not just an old wives ‘ tale — it is scientifically proven.

2 every day You predict the future

I think that we have revised the «mystical home» TV channel of Russia? No, you really can predict the future, though not on a conscious level and a subconscious. In one study, participants were given a series of shots. Some were neutral, others with a strong negative or sexual overtones. The study showed that heart rate was increased by 10 seconds before the image appeared. That is, the body, to a certain extent, can predict the future. 3 you Have an incredible power We all have heard the story about how a mother shows wonderful strength when it comes to the safety of her child. Adrenaline rush in a stressful situation can give a unique result. Heart rate increases, increased respiratory rate, and digestive system actually stops working, thereby saving energy for something more important, like for self-defense. All this allows the muscles to contract more vigorously, which allows to increase the maximum allowable power.

4 You are capable of echolocation

If you ever go blind, don’t get hysterical. It’s not so bad (though bad, of course, because you can’t read you’ll be able to get around poles, fences and other obstacles on the streets with… their ears. Echolocation is the process of modeling landscape around us with the sounds that you hear. Any sound bounces off the surface, so the daily training you can do without the eye during a walk. Almost like Daniel Kish, a famous American who clicks her tongue in order to determine the echo shape of the space around us. 5 can You slow down time If you watched «the Matrix», then some idea of what it looks like time is in slow motion — all of these bullets are terrible slowly approaching your face. It’s fiction, but fiction which can be felt by everyone. Police and emergency services, who were in a state of limbo during the course of his work, spoke about how they see things in slow motion in front of him. The whole trick in the brain, which is in a state of high alert. From this he begins to think faster, and as a consequence, everything else seems much slower. Sorry we are unable to access this ability at the usual time. We would all have time.

In General, all these abilities are not quite «super». From the point of view of the human body, they are very ordinary. But they still surprise you, because most of them we rarely use, as they require the creation of a specific stressful situation. But a couple of thousand years ago, a man was constantly in a stressful situation, and who knows, maybe these abilities that have been trained by constant fear, intensified by several times, reached the level that we can’t imagine.

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