Your skills – this is your life

We all are not eternal, then why complicate life the daily training? Sense to develop your skills, many of which you don’t need? Why do something to do when and so like, okay?

We often publish texts about motivation and about what you should do. Let’s say more clear: you don’t have to be better than it is now. Everyone will be in the grave, and the set of abilities will not protect him from this fate. Nevertheless, the development of personal qualities, the development of new skills will do you good.

Your skills – this is your life, how to interact with her and the opportunity to live exactly as you want. If you do not get out of the concrete boxes and do not study anything that goes beyond your understanding, then the rest of the way, from birth to death, will turn into a normal decay, not seasoned with anything else other than food and primitive forms of entertainment. Some this is enough, and to hesitate there is nothing.

So why do to continue to improve? And all for the same: to improve the quality of life and live out their years happily. If you develop yourself, you will get many benefits in different areas of their lives.


manygoodtips.com_3.09.2015_Ryt8tQ26DQCchAs you know, in the world there is no absolute equality. There is always someone bigger, smarter, more important etc You see or superiority over someone or, on the contrary, its futility. Development of skills will help to occupy a higher status in society, which will open up a wide range of possibilities.

There is this famous Latin phrase: «What is allowed to Jupiter is not permitted to a bull», which is attributed to Publius Terence’s comedies to the AFR, the playwright and well-known representative of Roman Comedy. This is the truth, because no law applies equally to the ordinary man in the street and the man who ended up on top of the world. When you leave University and you first find yourself some decent work, this is the lesson you learn quickly and painfully. People do not treat everyone equally and fairly, but you always have the opportunity to be in the place of the outsider. To do this, just need to cultivate those qualities that can often go beyond your job description.

In crisis, jobs are never empty. They are reduced, and entrepreneurs have forgotten about the recruitment principle of «like, dislike». They have to survive, and this requires skilled workers. And even if you worked at a company for 20 years, but if you don’t work as well as the trainee, then prepare for dismissal. When it comes to money, humanity goes by the wayside. Therefore, even if you firmly stand on my feet and confident in its future, still be prepared for the worst.

Learn, master, and only then will you be able to hold fast to their well-being in his hands. Mediocre employees survive only in moments of economic calm.


manygoodtips.com_3.09.2015_U4FipbbI2Vdw0Here, as always, it’s complicated. The fact that the man she loved and the man she wants to love, different people. Time passes and you change, it must be changed. When the chemistry stops hitting in the head as before, your qualities, in addition to the feelings themselves, submitted in the first place. Even such seemingly little things like the ability to assemble a kitchen or fixing the toilet, play an important role. And don’t think it’s only women demanding. You also want to see your friend reaches new heights and is not in place, you also want it to be better, better prepared, better sex, found my calling in life.

Static in human development tired of everyone just tired of it. So you have to develop yourself, to some extent, to change, to improve. Without this, there can be strong relationship. Your friend needs to learn about you something new roughly every day life together. Dynamics and change is always tightened.


manygoodtips.com_3.09.2015_N1ZWFZ4QNeuCEIf you have no family, one day you will build it, and won’t even notice you have children.

We have no idea what your father was, but almost every second guy he was unimportant. Well, if he was cool, not the essence. You can thank your parents for what they gave, or more upset that you were not. All this doesn’t matter when you have children of your own. And there will have to remember his past. And you have to remember not only good things but also bad things that is always difficult, because memory is deceptive.

Now, not every man will be a good example for your child, even despite his sincere love. In addition to knowledge of child psychology, need to understand exactly what a child needs to know at a particular age when it is necessary to tell about very important matters of every man, and why is it important to teach the child the skills of self-defense. If you know nothing, then how can you be a teacher?

Blame everything on the woman, as most men, extremely dangerous. To be honest, some things can be learned only through a man. However, you can of course think that the education you do not need to know that will be a big mistake.

For myself

manygoodtips.com_3.09.2015_7uw7EFnx63WieTo learn something new, it’s exciting. Perhaps this can be understood some time after training, when it rested on rote learning, and work and household routine is forced to recall the glorious student days.

It is interesting to learn, if you teach not what you set and what you have interest. You can learn to draw or play the guitar or learn a foreign language just for yourself. It is possible to study astronomy or to try to make a film. Develop, man, and learn all that there is in this life.

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