Your personal success is paramount, must, must… You have to be successful to be happy. Must adhere to certain rules to be honest. You have to have a family, the basic unit of society, if you want to be a member. You have to get married, you have to get drunk at the wedding or to hold a wild party with strippers, sauna and barbecue. Family members, friends, the media – all telling you what to do and how. Bigger, better, more productive, and so to the grave.

But if you’re happy with what you already have?

We don’t want to dissuade you from your ambitions. In addition, we often write about the nature of success and that reaching new heights is pretty good. But your happiness does not depend on whether you are committed to the conventional «success» or not.

We think that everyone who is engaged in the work, which arouses passion, anyone with a girl is not just «the one that flew on me» can be happy and can go their own way, individually determine the concept of «success».

This is an important part of life. Your personal feeling of success may be radically different from that imposed on the media. We explore the limits of their abilities, we set ourselves targets, but we don’t have to follow someone else’s opinion, which, sadly, can often be erroneous and even catastrophic for life. Why personal «success» is better than any other, read below.

1. Guru

If you life is good, and there are reasons. We are sure that among them will be the love of work, good health, talent and intelligence. Nothing’s easy.

But we also believe that there are people who played a role in your life. It can be father, girl friend, some talented people you admire. You came under its influence and was able to get on.

You have used this resource, why not give it to others? Make an impact on people, try to change their lives.

Every decision you make can affect those around you. Your success will help your children, colleagues, friends and other people, be sure of this.

2. Self actualization

Most of the people who were trained in secondary vocational or higher educational institutions of our country are familiar with the hierarchy of human needs Abraham Maslow.

The highest point of the pyramid have the opportunity to realize their talents and opportunities inherent in each. So, for the happiness of man need to find their value through their aptitudes and abilities. And this should be done without the help of parents and strangers. The possibilities are endless, the main thing is to make the right choice. Where you can use your talents the most useful and productive way? Where will you be happy? The answers to these questions need to ask you a direction vector.

3. Effect

We all want to feel important. We all want our thoughts, feelings, opinions and views mean something to other people. It’s just human nature, so we created.

In addition, many of us strive to have a positive impact on the world. But to have people listen to your advice and implemented your ideas, you need to achieve success in anything.

The more you do the more influence you have.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Mahatma GandhiIf you want to affect this world, you have to become the best in their field. You must be successful enough to safely be able to lead people. Now so much dirt in the world, so for a good man to be indifferent means to be dead.

4. Training

When you stop learning, you start dying.

Albert EinsteinMost of us are familiar with the difficulties during exercise. You train, your muscles become stronger, improves endurance. But what happens when you stop working on themselves regularly? Everything remains as strong as it was? No. The muscles begin to atrophy and you’re going to regress.

With a success all the same. Or are you moving forward or retreating. If you don’t want to constantly grow in any field, you go back. You can apply this principle to itself or to the Corporation.

Your mind, your body and your company needs continuous development.

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