Your perfect vocabulary

«Dictionary of Shakespeare», according to the researchers ‘ calculations, is 12,000 words.

Vocabulary representative of the Ramapo tribe amounts to 300 words. Ellochka from the famous novel by Ilf and Petrov «easily and freely dispensed thirty».

The power of words, thoughts, clothed in the most severe combinations of letters, in truth, knows no bounds. So what benefit will bring to you a careful study of the dictionary and develop their vocabulary?

1. Able to clearly explain what you want to say

As stated in a famous saying: «that the speaker do not understand, blame says.»

Expressing the same way your thoughts and emotions about completely different areas of life, you become no better than the famous Ellochka Ogress, which to every question was stamped ready response or comment. There are a huge number of synonyms is enough to brighten the most boring dialogue.

2. The ability to understand the people around you

There are many terminologies that are used in your conversations people of certain professions, knowing some of them, you will be able to determine without a clue in what area the person works. Dialect, accent and the number of names of common household items will also tell you where your interlocutor comes from. Remember St. Petersburg «curbs», «front», «Kuru» and «buckwheat».

The more you increase your vocabulary in General and in particular (take science, geography, culture, and politics), the better you understand the meaning of the evening news, political debates and current events.

3. The ability to concentrate and think logically

Our thoughts form words. And Vice versa. Think of them as the number of tools: the more words at your disposal, the more tools you have to verbally arrange a long-overdue idea.

4. The ability to communicate effectively

The repetition of the same old boring words and is able to depress anyone. To attract and hold the listener’s attention, draw figurative painting with bright colors. That’s why a deep knowledge of the expansive dictionary — a mandatory attribute for all the great speakers and leaders. The words burn the hearts of the people the verb. Rich language will save you, if the performance will sharply turn in the direction of the impromptu, and you do not hit the dirt face, not linking the two words.

5. The ability to increase the power of persuasion, to make a good impression

Saturation and literacy your speech is a big part of the produced you a first impression. Listening to how and what you’re saying, people judge your social status, education, Hobbies, mental development and lifestyle. Therefore, the construction of powerful verbal bases exclusively in your best interests. And we’ll show you how to fill potential gaps in your overall development.


Reading is the most effective way to increase vocabulary and, of course, serves to achieving some other equally useful purposes. Try to read high-quality contemporary and classic literature, scientific books and fiction. Carefully study each link over the word, if there is such an explanation. If you like magazines and Newspapers, don’t neglect «statements» or «Merchant» — a great material for a fully developed reading audience.


Also you can learn many new and interesting things, talking to people, but people of a certain intellectual level. We hope that the circle of your close friends little dudes that not only impede your development, but you pull on your level. Attend interesting seminars, lectures, trainings, expand your horizons and, consequently, vocabulary.


When reading or talking, do not forget to write the words whose meaning you don’t know. But not forget too late to see their meaning in the dictionary. It is also important to record the correct pronunciation. Get a separate notebook, or notes in your smartphone and periodically monitor the progress and results of their labors.


Use in conversation a new word as often as possible, of course, if it is appropriate and fits within the scope of the conversation.

Solve crosswords

Crosswords is not just a pastime for retirees, but also a way of vocabulary development. Take this opportunity, on the road or on vacation. Choose crossword puzzles in famous journals or those that have a good reputation.

Listen to audio books

For those who spend a lot of time on the road or behind the wheel, there is a unique opportunity to develop language and increase vocabulary through audiobooks. Such a method is also optimal for those people who better perceive information by ear. In any case, to pass the time in traffic jams to the sounds of good literature is much more useful and effective than listening to the mindless gibberish of radiopriemnye.

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