Your only chance to get rich

Winter came, colder, more soon and food prices will rise, unlike your paycheck. But to survive as it is necessary. What I could come up with? That would be a treasure to find, isn’t it? Here and so go and to stumble upon unexpected joy somewhere in the bushes or in the yard. Although it is unlikely. But there are treasures that will pay you long-term suffering, but do look out for them.

The Grave Of Attila

manygoodtips.com_6.12.2016_hvylUPwQRVKssThe amount is astronomical

Where: Budapest

What: Golden plates and other jewelry

How realistic: if it is not found more than 1000 years, is extremely low. Though there is every reason to believe that the Golden plates are already silently surrounded.

Do you remember Attila? And we remember how could I forget? The guy with his relatives so much looted, destroyed so that domestic officials, in the throes of envy, carefully trying to catch up. But even together they did not succeed.

But Atilla died, and according to legend, the Huns staged in the tomb of their leader the treasure, and the tomb was covered with gold plates. Grave has not been found so far. As a refuge of the Huns has long been fertile territory of present-day Hungary, that is, all prerequisites to believe that the grave is somewhere near Budapest. The ideal option: a flight to Hungary cheap, accommodation, too, crowbar shovels available. Only here there are no clues. And guarantees that over the past century on it someone has already stumbled.

Gold Kolchak

Amount: 250 million

What: gold bars

Where: Omsk, Omsk oblast, Kemerovo oblast, the village of Taiga

How realistic is it: 50/50

Over this gold long wither everything: supporters of the monarchy, and zealous Communists, who believe that gold should return to the people. They all want it, but all say completely different things. Surely we only know that in 1918 in Omsk, Admiral Alexander Vasilyevich Kolchak was proclaimed Supreme ruler of the Russian state. And the state is to be executed. It made the gold exported white troops from Kazan, where this stock was evacuated before the outbreak of the First world. After checking in the Omsk branch of the state Bank common stock value was estimated at 650 million rubles. However, lasted for long, and in 1921, after the defeat of Kolchak, and the Czechoslovak corps gave the gold to the Bolsheviks in exchange for guarantees free exit from Russia. But the Bolsheviks were shocked — the gold is gone, and the rest was estimated at a measly 400 million.

Where did all the rest do not know, probably nobody. Some researchers believe that the gold remained in the field: part of the underground tunnel under the building branch of the state Bank and part of the land, near the village of Zakhlamino. According to another version, the gold was sent by transports to Vladivostok. There are those who say that the bars were buried under Kemerovo, in the village of Taiga. Clearly, people dig-dug, but dug up nothing.

The Golden horses of Batu Khan

Amount: ‘ll find — we’ll see

What: a pair of gold horses

Where: the Leninsky district of the Volgograd region

How realistic: 30/70

You’ll need a tractor, patience, a bottle of vodka (as a lubricant for the tractor) and again patience. Because you’ll be looking for the Golden horses. This, of course, not the weight of gold Panikovski — horses really are made of gold. But Volgograd treasure hunters are looking for them more than a dozen years and I can not find (or find as any normal people who don’t claim to be).

When two Golden horse life-size decorated the entrance of the Saray-Batu capital of the Golden Horde. They were done on the orders of Batu of all harvested for the year as a tribute of gold (plus ruby eyes). Following after Batu Khan Berke, brought them to his capital, his Barn, which was located near the present village of Tsarev Volgograd region. As they say, my realm, my rules.

But then came the famous Mamaia, chingisid a stray and not at all the man who ruined everything. After Mamai lost the battle of Kulikovo, the Horde began to retreat far to drag two horses could not. The Horde is not sunk into oblivion, so that was where to steal horses, but that it happened is highly questionable. Had more important worries than to drag any security key.

Debate about whether horses cellosolve or empty, and whether they were hidden together or separately. There is a theory that one of them is buried together with mom. And therefore, it makes sense to look at the mounds, which in places big set.

Treasures of Smolensk Bank

manygoodtips.com_6.12.2016_MpwGdM4RsAD9MAmount: 6.5 million

What to look for: silver coins, gold bars.

Where: Smolensk oblast, the village of Otesevo

How realistic: 70/30

When Hitler’s troops reached Smolensk, the first thing out of the city began to be exported all kinds of values. Troops were nearby, and so the evacuation was not organized properly. When in August 1941 a convoy of eight trucks went to Vyazma, was fired, and to the nearest village of Otesevo only drive five cars, the fate of which is unknown, since the land was practically in the hands of the Germans.

Despite the fact that the cargo nothing is not certainly known, it is assumed that these trucks were carrying values of Smolensk Bank. This idea was submitted at the time the local residents, who argued that when one covered with a tarpaulin of the trucks was hit by a bomb, «thousands of glittering coins in the fountain scattered in the woods.»

It is assumed that the command of the column came to a unique conclusion: to take out a Bank valuables safe and sound with «Vasilevskogo pot» is no longer possible, and if paper money you can burn, then gold and silver should be buried. And it’s not unreasonable: after the war in Otesevo had found many silver coins, edition of 1924, which went out of circulation long before the war and was kept in the storerooms of Smolensk. However, the whereabouts of the treasure, as before unknown.

The Treasure Of Lyonka Panteleyev

Amount: $150 000

What to look for: gold coins, jewelry.

Where: Saint Petersburg and its cellars, catacombs and other dungeons in the city centre

How realistic is it: 50/50. Or he is, or accomplices all were taken.

Petersburg was a gangster even before Sergey Chelishchev and Vitka Antibiotic. In the revolutionary time there were such characters, that no need to invent anything. One of them was Lenka Panteleyev, which until 1922, was a soldier and chekist, and then it mysteriously expelled from the bodies of rags, and he was on the thieves ‘ trail. Moreover, it was considered a noble thief, robbing only the Nepmen. Only now, instead of just giving money to the starving, he spent them in a big way.

Then life in a country hungry he was tired, and he, like any successful guy from Russia, decided to go abroad. But you need to shock to make money. Worked really diligently — 35 armed raids with the murders. The victims took the money, chains, bracelets, earrings, rings and other small valuables. The kid came to success, but not my lucky day — shot during the arrest. But the gold was never found. Most likely, accomplices, Leonid took what they could with them. But if you mingle with the diggers, they talk about the many bandit hideouts in the St. Petersburg subway. However, most often it is household items, weapons, and different Fennec.

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