Your lethal dose


Often on television talking about the dangers of alcohol, Coca-Cola and burgers. The heralds on TV say that we are slowly but surely killing themselves when they eat something unhealthy or unspiritual. Now the society has a clear view of weight of popular products – they are harmful. However, how dangerous they are? There are studies on this? We have thoroughly studied this issue and have gathered for you the data that relate to the most common things that you eat. I think you might want to learn about something new.

1. Chocolate

It was a

The problem of chocolate not sladkovato, but rather in his bitterness. This is dangerous for you, buddy. But don’t be scared! Substance that makes bitter chocolate called theobromine. This, incidentally, is an alkaloid, just like cocaine, morphine. In the cocoa beans, usually contains 1.2% theobromine. In small quantities the only person he helps, for example, stimulates the heart, dilates the blood vessels. However, if you overdo it, it’s waiting for you nausea, cramping, internal bleeding, heart attack and, as a consequence, death.

But how much theobromine to cause such a horror? Ross Pomeroy, editor of scientific-popular publications RealClearScince, calculated lethal dose. According to Pomeroy, that you died of chocolates, you need to increase the number of theobromine to one gram per kilogram of body weight. In fact, it is thousands and thousands of bars. For example, 10-year-old need to eat approximately 1.9 thousands of chocolate bars weighing approximately 70 grams. If the kid likes dark chocolate, then you can do six hundred chocolate bars.

2. Coca-Cola


No, actually Coca-Cola does not corrode your internal organs, it does not make cockroaches or beetles. But there are lots and lots of sugar. And that sugar is the most disgusting part of any sparkling water. But if it was not, then who would drink the drink of the gods? In General, the situation is thus. Lethal dose of sugar, according to the latest data, and 29.7 grams per kilogram of body weight of a person. One liter contains about one hundred grams of sugar. Thus, if you weigh 80 kilograms, you should drink a liter of 23.2 to make the circles-suicide.

3. Water


But make no mistake, it is unlikely you will be able to drink so much when, because the water will destroy you sooner. The fact that water is generally a bastard, a dangerous substance. All recommended to drink 2 liters of clean water a day at least. And perhaps rightly so. However, if you drink 3 times more then most likely poisoned. So, poison fucking water.

Technically it looks like this: kidneys don’t have time to bring the body fluid decreases the concentration of salt, the water begins to fill in the intracellular environment, further swelling of the brain, lungs, other organs and, Yes, my friend, death. If you don’t believe, Google lady Jennifer strange, who happens to. She wanted to win the console for their children in the contest «Hold Your Wee for a Wii» where you had to drink 7.5 liters of water. In General, a bummer for the kids – neither the prefix nor the mother.

4. Spinach


Very useful product, isn’t it? All vegetarians they daubed and Popeye loves it straight. But do not forget that spinach contains oxalic acid, and it has, in our opinion, very ambiguous thing. High doses of oxalic acid in your body to ensure you the stones in the kidney and in the bladder due to poor processing of calcium. And lethal dose of oxalic acid even as it is. If you put it on the spinach, it weighs 2.3 pounds. Overdose from spinach – an unenviable end.

5. Rolls with tuna

In marine reptiles is full of mercury, heard of it? If not, read the FDA report about this unpleasant fact. Unfortunately, all this is due to human activity. At each test fish found traces of mercury even in fish of isolated rural waterways. Worse, 25% of tested fish contain mercury above the safe level, which is very bad for us fans in the evening to roast the fish, or to order rolls.

However, you have to eat about 130 000 rolls to experience for yourself the beauty of mercury. So you can continue to consume fish in excess amounts.

6. Polar bear liver


If you’re reading us somewhere at the North pole and now the fried polar bear liver, you come to your senses, you fool! Throw away that crap, – it will destroy you!

I can say from experience that polar bear liver is harmful. We all have so much headache that you’d think we had carbon monoxide poisoning and even worse. In addition, I have in my whole body strong aches, and many an upset stomach.

– from the diary of a Navigator PT. Albanova, 1926 –Strange, but it’s the retinol or, as fans of healthy food in vitamin A. one gram of bear liver contains to 20 thousand IU of retinol. If you eat a portion of 200-300 grams bear liver, you will get a monstrous dose of this vitamin. Let’s tell you more delicious details: the first three hours is observed headache, nausea, pain in the stomach and intestines, the temperature rises to 40 degrees; after 36-72 hours the skin begins to peel profusely and move layers. In most cases, the disease runs on the third day, but to die from such poisoning, without a doubt, possible.

7. Apples


They say that apples are useful? Yes, it is. But not the seeds, which are contained in these delicious fruits. During the digestion of the seeds emit hydrogen cyanide and hydrocyanic acid that the person is very unpleasant. There are dry and boring facts: in the Apple contains 700 mg of hydrogen cyanide per kilogram of dry weight, and if the person will 1.5 mg of cyanide per kilogram of body weight, then this will most likely be dead. Where to take as much cyanide? Clean about 30 apples, pour the seeds into a separate glass and eat it together. Still, die of apples is extremely difficult, for this you need to have a special talent.

8. Sausage


It’s simple: in sausages, which are sold in our stores, contains a lot of salt. For example, 100 grams of sausage contains about 2 grams of salt. The daily human need in the meantime – about 1.5-4 grams. How much to eat salt, to see the spaghetti monster? The data differ, but the most common answer is 250 grams. Death is not easy: numerous swelling, dehydration, necrosis of tissue and death of the brain. In General, tricky math is not called, but you need to eat 22 pounds of sausage to get his fatal dose. However, Malysheva believes otherwise and put the figure at 3 pounds.

9. Coffee


Coffee we love, but it is not really love us, especially if you drink in the same person from 10-15 liters. So much, in the words of scientists, is to drink a grown man to reach the gates of heaven. Tachycardia, high blood pressure, arrhythmia, circulation issues, and lots of different pleasures waiting for you on the coffee journey. At some point there comes a ventricular fibrillation and then death. Association of coffee lovers of Britain believes that the death occurs after 200 cups of instant coffee per day (about 90 mg of coffee per liter). But, of course, a lot depends on your body weight and sensitivity to caffeine.

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