Your girlfriend VS childhood friend: how to communicate with the second without irritating first



Good day, beloved! Thank you for what you are doing. On your website I can always find support and explanation of many of the mechanisms in life.

Here’s my question:

I have a girlfriend, have been Dating for a year, relations are good, we love each other and everything is in order. I also have a best friend who has recently returned from another country and called to him to chat, have a few drinks, well it was convenient, said I could stay with her for the night.

I told my girlfriend to warn, she responded dryly, but said nothing to me.

In the evening, when I went to visit wrote to I came no more and made a big stink about the whole situation.

Of course, stay the night with her friend, I did not.

To warn you, we are friends with her since high school and never had even the slightest thought, to have her in some sort of relationship. Just a very good friend who has always supported and explained how the women.

In General, my girlfriend told all my friends what I do and now they all think less of me.

Relationships now are not so.

Guys, help, how to be in this situation? How to treat this?

The answer

Thank you, dear reader. We support you in everything, even in the fake currency and fraud, because we, its readers to the end. The question you asked, the heavier uranium scrap, but we will try to support you at this time.

To understand your situation don’t need to understand the work of the late Merezhkovsky, or to know the female anatomy. Everything here is extremely simple.

You have actually two choices: to leave his hysterical girlfriend, who behaved like a typical woman to find a chicken that will not be even across the word to speak, not to think about her friend in vain.

Blame your girl for what many of us would spit acid, if on the horizon out of nowhere appeared a man, who allegedly arrived from abroad, who allegedly went with her to one pot, which she, of course, nothing but warm memories about his childhood and about which she never said. Now I understand how scary? Joined in a loving Babi two elements: love for you (I congratulate you) and a selfish sense of ownership (here is nothing to rejoice). Lucky you to get to know the kind of overbearing, proud, which will always insist on his own, and by any means to seek justice. Plus, we are with you, from the height of successful experience we know that friendship between a man and a woman there, and she refuses to believe it, like most of our readers. But there are a terrible girlfriend, or girlfriends as wise and as Pets that go to intimacy with them is awkward. Clearly, fleeting thoughts that go wrong with friend happen to every man, but common sense, circumstances, its categorical refusal to do this with you (don’t flatter yourself, you as a man do not perceives more as a friend, besides, you’re not her type) and most of all fear to destroy friendship leaves all these intentions at the level of the bad thoughts in my head. Besides, when you know the person for too long and know too much about him, neither of which reach not even think. And if it happens, the consequences will be very painful.Telling you this as a survivor of exactly the same situation. Nice day I said Yes so I met with his friend, a friendship that ancient fossil apes and mammoth. And in the evening her friends send me messages where she details that even Voorhis Jason and Michael Myers never dreamed of, says, whatever she did. After that I even began to argue with her less.

All you can do is not mention her name in vain and tell him next time that you go to meet a friend. Lady your rest and your life to come back to silence.

But you should defend their right to communication and freedom of leisure, this Constitution, and in every way to convince her that the woman you saw in the age, when all go under, drink with you on an equal footing (even if not drinking — I should say) and which tells the boring details of my life can’t get you excited, then she. You can even introduce them to arrange a meeting to offer her to come with your date (if any), but not the fact that a personal meeting will calm your woman. She calms down only if it is frigid, a lesbian, in which 90% body burns. The idea is really good, though it seems crazy at first glance, but if the whole evening to focus on his lady, you see, and ride. But it should be done soon, and see each other rarely. If the attempt to convince the purity of your thoughts will be a failure and will lead to hysterics — again think about how you will live.

But most likely your girlfriend will refuse all offers. Well, then meet up with a childhood friend in secret, without the knowledge of his sweetheart. Tell me — went to friends or stayed at work, of course, choosing the place where you will not find. To see you will still be rare, so the likelihood of a puncture is low. But if you slip up… down the drain.

Wish you luck, and hope your life will get better, and our girls will not see this article. Ask your question wording

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