Your disgusting personality traits

Just do not think that we think we are perfect creations of evolution, and all the rest recorded in a creepy redneck. Of course not, many of the following characteristic features of the personality inherent in us. But at least we admit and try to deal with them. After all, when you see them, you realize how disgusting and hostile to everything human. These are not people you want to spend time, or have at least some common cause. With such personalities, even not thirsty, to say nothing of creating a strong relationship or strong friendship. Try to be strict to yourself, find your flaws.

1. Rude is rudeness in the world that attracts. Usually it serves as a tool for stylistic coloration in the literature, for example, in the books of Charles Bukowski it is full. But the writer creates a world that follows its own logic. Given that Bukowski describes the life of drunks and part-time workers, of course, there will be a lot of Mat and bold expressions. And it’s interesting to read, because the offense does not take into the account. However, in the real world, when faced with the crass rudeness, unwarranted, immediately begin or rude in response, or to engage in a fight – mood in any way spoiled. What generally starts the aggression? If you’re a man, then a false understanding of what for you it will be nothing, and it is only when they get the first punch in the nose. And if you «mistress cash» in the store, from the real understanding that you will be nothing but time on time is not necessary. So don’t be a Neanderthal, talk politely even with unpleasant characters.

2. Bloated egos

It’s just annoying. Yes, you can have a really worthwhile service to the community, firm, family, art. You really can be a talented guy. But is that a reason at every opportunity to think about their achievements and exploits? Nobody’s interested, nobody’s Pat on the head. Respect never make the monotonous bombardment of the achievements of his life. And you know why? Many simply do not care about your work and the difficulties that are associated with it. Even worse, when you overstate your importance to the case: «if not me, then it was not!» Oh? That’s the new Messiah, Apollo and Yahweh in one person – what an important chicken». Arrogance to no good arguments, through this way, we can easily become a laughing stock – such sad cases I observed.

3. Obsession

manygoodtips.com_1.07.2016_KlNtDii0FKBDPIf you do not refuses the request, it does not mean that you appreciate. Some people just don’t know how to say the word «no» when addressed by such an obsessive and clingy creature. They will build a fake smile, agree with you and then curse you for the obsession. How to get rid of this syndrome? You just have to apply to the most valuable thing a man can have – their brain. Use your mind and try to answer the following questions: who is the initiator of the meetings? often you remind about your presence? how often do you ask for a favor? And in General, just try to go underground. If in a few weeks, didn’t call friends, invited to a party or bar, then you, our friend, the order they are tired.

4. Lack of basic knowledge of etiquette

You can be happy, this knowledge is easy to acquire independently. Unfortunately, not everyone understands that conversations on public transport on the phone, talking with a full mouth, lack of desire to use napkins, Cutlery, and this neglect of the elementary rules of etiquette, cause hate and nausea in others. Of course you can score on the opinion of strangers, but is nice to be an animal, which is able to follow simple rules of etiquette? Etiquette is an important element of social interaction, which largely characterizes human civilization.

5. Resentment

Moreover, this trait has never been considered inherent in man, so also it is of great importance in relations with friends. It is unlikely that the girl will be glad to communicate and sexual relationship with a sensitive guy. Even if resent in the case, even if you’re right – put your emotions in another direction. It is always better to prove wrong person than to me and sad to sit in the corner of the room. There are, of course, a special type of people, which irritates the other forest. They resent any and all your comment take it as a personal insult. Then wonder where all taken from this explosive reaction to a seemingly innocent clarification. But here we have no tips, just don’t be like that.

6. Egocentrism are guys who think they are the center of this universe. I believe that they have an interesting life story, great advice, and generally they are in demand. The truth is that such people just usurp the Central place even in the company of friends. Still waiting when they finally shut up and allowed to rest from their vile, looped on themselves chatter. I hope you’re not. Don’t tell about yourself before you asked a very good rule that works in literally any situation.

7. Riders

If you regularly feast at the expense of others not in your character, then surely you have a friend in the company. Comments no one makes them, because their behaviour is difficult to analyse and is not too violent indignation.

Better just describe them a real example:

Are you going with his company to drink beer, shrimp and watch football at a local bar. It’s cool, the evening is a success. Suddenly claimed by another friend of yours, sits at the table, entangles the entire atmosphere of the evening with her charisma. His right hand is enough shrimp left unattended glass of beer. Of course, neither one nor the other he didn’t. Then ask you to drive him to the other side of town – refuse uncomfortable. In General, take it home and wasting your gasoline. Divide the price tag in half and it will not come, because to suggest it is quite within the bounds of decency. No, we are not goons. If these things happen a couple of times in a few years, we easy, but when this strategy is used systematically, it begins to irritate. Seemingly small things, but the relationship these little things are pretty spoiled.

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