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manygoodtips.com_11.02.2015_OWbSkQy1pMp0aEvery time when you train, your body changes. In fact, your whole body is an adaptive machine that is in constant dialogue with its environment. To sit in an office chair eight hours a day without making any physical effort, it is much harder for us than the shock one-hour training session after work or a great exercise in the morning. Your muscles begin to weaken, metabolism slows, the body stores calories in the form of weight loss in the event of «hard times», the cardiovascular system starts to degrade, and the immune system falls, because he has no need for and promise to keep you on «top form».

Add these exercises to your daily routine, and they will help your muscles recover after a lazy winter. Pick one or a few of them and regularly load, your body. In the beginning of the day write down the total number of repetitions of those exercises that you have noticed. Of course, this is the plan for the day, and not in a single approach. It can be 100, 200, 300 or 400 repetitions of sit-UPS, push-UPS or lunges. Every time you take a break, read a number of repetitions of the common plan. Go back to the planned daily exercise until then, until you get a round zero and the task will fail. Indicative list of exercises we have already prepared.

1. A day

Finish the day several complexes. Increase the total number of repetitions as you increase exercise.

Power list: 200 squats, 200 sit-UPS 50 push-UPS;

Cardiospasm: 400 jumps with raised knees, 400 jumps, some burpees 80;

Fight list: 1000 hits, 600 side kicks, turns 600 feet.

2. Hourly training

Pick one of the exercises. Set a timer that will remind you that the hour of rest has passed and it is time to get your body and rest from mental work. At the end of each set you should be breathless, so intense work all lethargic limbs.

1. 1 minute of jumping;

2. 60 jumps with raised knees;

3. Some burpees 20;

4. 40 lashes and one squat;

5. 100 side kicks with the legs 50 each. Don’t hit on the head.

3. Walking

Get a pedometer and do the required number of steps per day until you reach goal. Sit in another station.

Goal 1: 2000 steps;

Goal 2: 5000 steps;

Goal 3: 7000 steps;

Goal 4: 10,000 steps.

4. Keep practicing at home

The fact that you came home and blissfully turned on the computer, where you will find a favorite show doesn’t mean you’re done. On the couch you can develop the press by making swings with your feet and keeping them in the air maximum amount of time. Speaking of time: his lack of training is the most pathetic excuse of all.

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