Your correct conclusions when something doesn’t work out

manygoodtips.com_17.03.2016_UqsZE3H27rfZkLife is a series of UPS and downs, black and white, defeats and victories. Unfortunately, our memory is so constituted that we often remember is their failure. We cling to them, to convince themselves in their own mediocrity, have phobias, throw begun, destroying his dream. This is all very sad, but so does most of the world. You understand that success (on the personal front, career, anywhere), waiting for not for everyone. However, his secret is not fraught with ingenious designs that are predicted is that a Nobel laureate in physics. Fortunately, everything is much easier. The secret of success – in your work on the errors in the conclusions that you do when bitch-fate knocks the ground from under his feet. How to make the right conclusion when you fell again face in the dirt? Explain you a simple, infinite life examples, because otherwise it will be just talk. We will not describe each problematic situation, but be sure you understand what it’s about, already to the middle of the text.

1. Your body

Let’s say you followed our advice and from time to time in the gym, shake my hand, running on the track. Maybe not engaged, but want to do it, because the belly hangs down to his knees, and climb to the second floor for you is akin to a feat of Norgay Tenzing and Edmund Hillary, who first climbed Everest. What conclusions and leave you with a belly and skinny arms?


Flawed conclusion: I have no time for it; work does not allow them to go to the gym, the trainer incorrectly taught; the body just does not change!

As you know, this approach to anything will not lead. He initially losing. From work you’re not going anywhere – it will always be, if not win the jackpot or will not become homeless, but time is always short. So change their perception of reality.Kosher conclusions: I was training incorrectly – it is necessary to pay great attention to technique; I did it quickly, only to fall down from the audience because there are no results – need to study harder; I was afraid to ask the advice of a trainer, or in people; I was just in a stupor in the audience, but was not engaged.

2. Your career

manygoodtips.com_17.03.2016_B9t2PO9z7psupAll the time complain that can’t find work? Wages do not increase and post century one and the same? No luck, guy. We are sorry, although it is not in the circumstances, but in yourself. So, few recognized themselves in it.

Flawed findings: the crisis in the yard; head suffers from cretinism and notices my talents; at work, an unhealthy psychological environment.

Again, you can’t change, right? And when there are reasons that do not depend on you, and move is not necessary. You can relax and whine, or become a master himself.

Kosher conclusion: I don’t have enough skills to occupy another position – you need to develop them; I did not show their best side to the head – you need to take the initiative and show the value of his candidacy; maybe the company in which I work, has no future you should look for a better place.

3. Your relationship

Imagine that you have a girlfriend, and it’s the most serious problem in life. And how you were not looking – all to no avail. Instead analyze your approach to Dating, you start spitting venom in all directions, causing pity and sadness.


Flawed conclusion: I look like a nuclear war; I have no money to please a girl; they’re all whores who need «daddies» and not like simple guys like me; I have an apartment and stable income.

So, very similar reasons, but the most common and, of course, is fundamentally wrong. Understand, you’re just one among billions of people. And if you can’t find a girl of this varied heap, then blame yourself.Kosher conclusions: I wasn’t honest with her, always wore a mask to please is scared; I constantly was talking about himself, but never listened to it; I was looking for a normal relationship in the field for shooting; I need to look for not just a girlfriend, but someone I would be interested in.

4. Your business

manygoodtips.com_17.03.2016_5dAHn3KcSTM0jThe business in our country are pressed and pressed. New laws come, old strengthen. Horror in one word. But you always see successful examples of private business, although do not understand where the dog is buried – «pay», I guess. But let’s say you a secret: perhaps Russia is not the best country for small business, but not worse. Many of the problems of the young entrepreneur, is a consequence of his errors that he cannot correctly interpret.

Flawed conclusions: the state does not develop my business; again the crisis; the monopolists took the entire market; insufficient funds for development; people are just blunt and don’t understand why my product is gorgeous.

We are not saying that it’s not. We just want to say that this attitude will never help you. She pulls you from the abyss, it will not make you richer and more powerful!

Kosher conclusions:the need to reconsider its business strategy and to understand the cause of the failure; you must find weaknesses to correct direction; we need to reconsider the concept is to go back to the beginning – to understand who is my client; you should look for additional funding through «angels», or the state.

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