Your boss doesn’t want you to know about it

manygoodtips.com_28.05.2014_DIgEEjJwCWKOdGetting a job in the company, what you get from the head comprehensive information about their duties, corporate ethics and other things.

However, there are a few things to know about where, from the point of view of your boss, you do not want.

1. You need your boss

No matter how cold and evil wasn’t your boss if he sought to neutralize your value to the company, remember, you need your boss. Obviously, no company is limited only by the team managers. In fact, if it were not ordinary workers, driving would be simple there is nobody. The supervisor is responsible for overseeing the work of employees, to direct their energies in the right direction. The work falls on your shoulders. In addition, if you took a particular position, then your company need such an employee like you. In short, you need a chef, though he hides it.

2. Your boss may not be your friend

Sometimes the opposite situation, when between you and the chief are established quite cordial relations. But do not hope that the chief will be your friend. Maybe he’d like that, but it is, believe me, it can’t. In the event of a conflict with your participation, threatening, for example, the image of the company or of its normal functioning, he would have to get rid of you. No, that doesn’t mean he’s a bad man. Due to the fact that he takes a leadership position, the company’s interests for him are the priority in relation to interest even the most his lovely employee.

3. Your boss knows what

For example, that during working hours you hang out in social networks. Or are you using the office printer for personal purposes. However, he had to close his eyes at all this, because if for every small mistake on the part of the employee to apply appropriate sanctions no employees is not enough. And yet periodically, your boss is forced to beat the hand of the most defiant violators of corporate policy because, if the workers will be hearing that the boss knows everything and punishes only for the species, it is likely that they will lose the fear and stop working.

4. You have more power than you think

Even working in a huge Corporation and feeling like a tiny cog in a giant machine, remember that one is not working the screw enough to bring the whole machine down.

5. You are not free even outside the office

No, you can’t say whatever you like about your boss and the company with his page in the social network. But what about freedom of speech, you ask? Many managers carefully monitor the accounts of their employees, to early diagnose the threat to the interests of the company mindset and will not hesitate to eliminate them. In short, your Internet freedom can cost you your job.

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