Young old: when comfort becomes more important

We are not getting any younger, and I hate this fact. Well if the body gradually weakened and wrinkled, quietly starting to grow back — it is still possible to move: in the middle ages, people realized that the flesh is perishable, but the spirit is eternal. But the spirit brings! I have noticed that I rarely hang out and meet friends, I have enough of the society of friends, a cat and a bike, and I drink alcohol in starperson the style of «Honey, let’s have a drink, and we have a cheese and a whole load of nuts». These are the signs that shout: «Dude, you’ve been Moody before he was thirty!»

Hangout for you is to go to the guests

Now you don’t get drunk in clubs and don’t dance like a God all night. You’re going to visit, grandly sit there for salad and wine, play Board games or watch football for a couple of bottles of beer, and then go home where you’ll be before midnight.

Are you ashamed of the rest days

Not calendar weekend, and it was those days when you allow yourself to relax, lie down and do nothing. Examines the second film and scratching his belly, you’re trying to stifle the voice of the ageing brain in such a pastime seems unconscionable.

It turns out that the food is so important

Incredibly important! You spend at supermarkets obscenely, wondering how you’ve managed without it all. Now I’m a family man with an arrangement to buy nuts and dried fruit, bags of frozen vegetables, honey (what? Who would have thought about it a couple of years ago?), meticulously selected cheese and olive oil. This is something I, who was hitchhiking, eating off trees, apples and peaches!

You earn more, but at the end of the month you have less

You rarely go on vacation, though, was to make more money — where it is going? To order pizza and woks?

You adore the evening of the day

And not because they portend hangouts. On the contrary: you sit at home, watch movies, drink coffee, Pat the cat and don’t want anymore.

Eleven PM is late

When you’re hanging out on Saturday, this time you start to glance nervously at the clock and flipping a notebook, smartphone in search of taxi numbers. On weekdays it’s too late: it’s time for bed, for getting up at seven, and if you’ll go, you sleep your eight hours a legitimate.

You take a thermos

When you go to a basketball game (football is still not allowed to carry), when in spring or autumn riding a bike or riding in the woods. Warm drinks give you the sense of comfort, but the comfort is so ancient.

You can’t lie in bed until noon

Although the prospect is tempting. All week you pushed yourself out of bed and kicks drove to work, now you have a great chance to not rush and relish laid under a blanket and sleep at the same time and for the future. But no! Your brain will not allow it. He’ll Wake you up at eight and start asking you tricky questions: «I forgot to lock the office?», «I sent the letter?»

You are addicted to the same things your parents

From time to time run into a home pleasantly: sat evening, talked and was gone. A huge red light is when you’re sitting with family, playing bingo and not a little addicted to it! I never thought that you can happen.

Party to you including the food that you normally don’t eat

Because you try to keep yourself in shape. You go to bed at eleven, you eat boiled chicken and low-fat yoghurts, but on the off off. A hot dog? Sparkling water? Not a problem, even despite the fact that you just came from the pub where they drank and ate one whole plate of cheese snacks.

Better just to lie in bed than to build plans

You would love missed out on the beer with colleagues, but realize that you’ll have to come in and immediately go to bed, not having the slightest opportunity to lie just so. But you’re tired. You deserve it.

You calculate how many hours of sleep will steal your party

After work you decided to drink beer with the guys from work, and your mood skyrocketed. Now you’re ready to party, there’s only one problem. Enthusiasm quickly disappears and it is substituted with thoughts of how much you have left to sleep. As a result, you decide to go home, not tomorrow, to be a corpse.

You start to say what I think, not appreciating how it’s polite

You, smoke, you fit a high school student and asks to smoke. You think you have the right to Express to her why she shouldn’t smoke and how you lived in her age. Arrived, will soon begin to curse out loud cars that go very fast, and swear that retirement is not added — because promised, you bastards!

Food has become more interesting for you drink

You were invited to the bar to grab a drink, and you are more interested in crackers, cheese, sausages and pizzas they serve? And the wings? And pickled eggs?

You don’t know what the current popular music

Any songs from the top of the charts. You better understand that was popular five or ten years ago. Anyway, new music you don’t like.

You fall asleep in the middle of the movie

I used to wonder how my grandma could fall asleep in the middle of the film. There is such intrigue! There are dialogues! Now I myself can unwittingly close eyes in the middle of almost every picture and ten minutes to fall asleep. Once I even fell asleep when I was watching the stream of a basketball game, what can I say?

You do not tolerate loud noise

Especially bars where you can’t hear each other. You wanted to talk and not to listen to the roar. More in this place you don’t come back. For any price.

You can’t cope with the flows you flows of information

I miss the Golden times when you were just a phone without the Internet access and applications Vkontakte? Me too, man. Me too.

It became very important to dress for the weather

Forget the umbrella and discover that the rain on the street, is a tragedy. You hate sudden snowfalls and unpredictable weather changes. You hate, when the street suddenly becomes warm and you in a jacket, jacket and shirt not know where to go from the heat.

Do you like crossword puzzles

And not because they are good for your brain — just you in a rush.

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