Young football fan will give a night… with the FA Cup

Lucky little bro that live in Albion!

The football Association of England has announced a competition for young British people, inviting them to spend one night, clutching the FA Cup.

As a contest, you ask, man? More than just that!

Before each of the first four games of the FA Cup the football Association will be absolutely randomly choose one child under 12 years of age to leave his home for the night a silver Cup. Of course in the house Chad will be on duty security guard that was guarding the integrity and honor of the trophy. To participate in this event every family in the UK.

First child, won the Cup received 29 Oct. His name is still unknown, but we can safely envy little bro. Other draws will be held in November, December and January. Of course, the people of Russia does not Shine to this silver trophy, but you, my friend, can read the rules of submission on the website of the Football Association.

Such action will certainly help a young bro to feel the love of football, should we, in Russia, to come up with something similar.

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