You’ll regret it

manygoodtips.com_16.07.2014_VkmSOtc5NPB54Regret is a part of our lives, nasty, sure, but integral. And it is unlikely on this planet there is at least someone who could with confidence say, «I have nothing to regret.» And if after all there is such a daredevil, you know he’s lying.

As you see, to live, not to spare about anything and never, you can’t do it, but you can try to keep regrets to a minimum.

1. You will regret that you got a job solely for the money

In this world very few people who can day to day to let a well-paid but hated job, and in my spare time to be able to abstract from the chosen stress. Not sure, incidentally, that these people exist.

In General, it’s the fact that you never get to the job in which you like just the salary. It’s bad for you.

2. You will regret that did not take the opportunity

Don’t be afraid to take risks. The pain of defeat, as a rule, are not comparable with the pain of missed opportunities.

3. You’ll regret the message sent by «malice»

Pissed off you’re terrible. You can blurt out something that you really do not think and never even thought to think. Don’t let your anger ruin your life. Before writing hysterical message count to ten, and only then write.

4. You will regret cheating

Only a fucking psychopath doesn’t feel guilt for their own treason. The only thing we can advise you about this — don’t be a pig, man. What for you is a simple booty call, drunk, for she might through a hole in the heart. Your inability to keep your dick in your pants will haunt you the most powerful feeling of guilt if you’re not one of these.

5. You will regret that you postponed the case, which wanted to do

I want to write a novel? Get it right now! «I’ll do it someday», is likely to sound comforting, but the truth is: the more you repeat this mantra, the higher the probability of turning «someday» into «never». You have no future, there is only a continuous now. Live in it.

6. You will regret that you spend a little time with our families

Do I need to explain why? Just call your grandmother.

7. You’ll regret what you have left at the shitty job

And again about it. Let’s count: in day 24 hours, 8 of them you need to sleep, so you are awake for about 16 hours. The standard workday is 8 hours plus one hour for lunch and 2 hours on the way from home to the office, a total of 11 hours. So on a loved one leaves you with 5 hours. If you work for crappy work, all these 11 hours daily, you’re flushed down the toilet. Time of your life is reduced to a miserable 5 hours in a day. Creepy isn’t it?

8. You will regret that you allowed fear to dictate you what to do

To stay at a crap job, for example.

9. You will regret that you quit school without good reason

Sadly, the likelihood that you are the new Steve jobs or Brodsky, is extremely small. But the «crust» in our bureaucratic society is sometimes very necessary. Besides, you’re not gonna believe this, but sometimes in schools and Universities even give some knowledge.

10. You’ll regret not telling loved ones that really feel

One must have extraordinary courage to confess his feelings, so many of us prefer to remain silent. However, the game of silence, however, can lead to disastrous consequences — destroying otnoshenia, for example.

11. You’ll regret what he let go friend

Wallowing in a rut, you can easily forget about what was going to meet a friend. «Not a problem — I think you friend will understand.» Of course, you’ll understand. A couple or three times will understand, and then he’ll have no friend. These things, dude.

12. You will regret that you yelled at your child

Parenting is a complicated and dangerous stress. But, seriously, the screaming has not, cannot have any educational effect. But here’s to grow some next Kafka, you, thus, probably can. Not the fact, however, that your Kafka will also write novels.

13. You’ll regret that stress eat

Because every fold of your womb will look at you reproachfully.

14. You’ll regret every post on Twitter, written by a drunk

Better not take the phone in hand to the party. And then, God forbid, and even the former call.

15. You will regret that you called/wrote the former

Especially if you do it drunk.

16. You will be sorry that he blurted out someone’s secret

The fact that someone said something «secret» indicates that it is someone you trust. What are you doing? Betray his trust.

17. You will regret being rude to your boss at dismissal

Think about it, why would you do that? Even if your boss is the biggest fool in the world, you are unlikely to be able to reason with him, leading himself as a jerk.

Of course, you probably just want to throw out the negativity, however, is that it will give you? Are you sure you feel better? There is a great risk that you will feel as in paragraph 3. In addition, you might need a recommendation from this work place, or your behavior will affect your professional image.

Maybe easier and more useful to yell at pigeons in the Park?

18. You’ll be sorry you humiliated man

And again, see point 3. We I hope you’re not a complete prick, so deliberately to humiliate another human being can only in a fit of rage.

Okay, okay, there are times when someone really deserves a hefty kick, but the kick is also possible without the jerkiness. In short, do not spoil your karma.

19. You will regret that he succumbed to pressure from society

Excessive attention to what others think is a sign of an immature personality. Think with your head. She’s not only that it is.

20. You’ll regret that clever network

As a wise man once said: too often, quoting Freud, you risk running into someone who actually read Freud.» A strong likelihood that someday you will be, as usual, the smartest in the trade, and it will get on your nerves.

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