You’ll know when a year has passed serious relationship

Under serious relations we understand life together, which was consciously chosen. They have little in common with the youthful love, which drove you mad in 18 years. A serious relationship can be a Mature person. The same man who is able to perceive their identity, their abilities and weaknesses. Hardly capable of it guy just came out yesterday from the Institute. If you know what we are and tomorrow are going to connect his life with a girl that can see his wife, we got a little cheer right now. And if you’re already an experienced fighter and you can not associate your relationship with our observations, then it’s time you think about it: maybe your connection isn’t serious enough?

1. No hysteria, no drama

manygoodtips.com_29.06.2016_iIOnKxrAJdaaTIn a Mature relationship no time for drama. Leave them to those who have the time for removal of the brain to each other and those who have no work. Instead, you and your girlfriend will prefer to use precious energy for more important and pleasant things like joint planning vacation. Swearing happens, but it does not define the nature of such relations, which often happens with those animal feelings that light up spontaneously.

Manipulation, lies, ignoring each other are all tools that allow you to gain control over a person, destroying his personality. It happens a lot. But a serious relationship is incompatible with such tactics, because they come through experience, which is associated with a past relationship. And there is all this shit in bulk: constant scandals, intrigue, investigation. Mature people understand that they don’t need and that relationship involves support and not slow torture each other. A year goes by and you realize that.

2. Support in your endeavors

Do not have to paint their future in the thirty years ahead, but the plans and purposes have to say. This is a priority theme, which helps to support each other, to translate dreams into reality. A serious relationship is a Union of two independent people who help each other to achieve certain goals. You help her and she you. It’s not like the relationship of parasite and host, which can be observed in the early period of love, or other unhealthy forms of relationship.

3. You always take her advice, and she in you

Before you were too stubborn to take advice from their girlfriends. For some reason, you always want to be right and pointless way believed it. But after a year of a serious relationship all this disappears. Not only because when you follow the advice of a friend, without a doubt show her trust and respect. It is also about the usefulness of advice from your girl. You cannot be an expert in all areas of life at once. Somewhere you keep up with it, but somewhere it is from you. In other words, you will complement each other.

4. You often think about security

manygoodtips.com_29.06.2016_USdP9QjggwBj3Never have thought that could break into your house and hurt your woman? Now such thoughts coming all the time. And it’s not that you’re paranoid. You just become more Mature, your relationship more serious and you realize that the world is still the bottom, which contains stuff of different levels of danger. And so you buy her a gas canister, put an alarm on the door, bring her phone to the contacts list on the cases of the unfortunate event. You don’t live in fear, but like a real man doing what you’ve been studying evolution itself — protect your home.

5. Talking about the future not strange

When you calmly talk about things which you a few years ago, frightened, then you become older. Before any discussion about the future terrify, and the possibility of joint life with one person seemed strange, perverted fantasy of a madman who doesn’t want no freedom, no independence, no greasy food with beer for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. But now you can safely talk about his plans with a friend without fearing that she will disappear from you, because you know she will be with you.

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