You, she and…


Many believe that the goods of sex shops created exclusively for the lonely and anxious people. Of course, this is meaningless conservative nonsense. Sex toys are created also in order to add a spark in the intimate life. Believe me, with some inventory, the sex is just fantastic. If the girl is bored during sex, with these toys you are waiting for explosive excitement.

Remote vibrator


For those who think that the erotic industry has lagged behind life, buried with the head only in collars and vibrators, we are happy to introduce you to We-Vibe 4 Plus. Calm down, buddy, it’s a gift for you and your girlfriend. A very useful thing. When you’re not around, let him have fun with this tender in all respects by the device to which even the app on iOS and Android. That is, choose… sorry, it chooses one of 10 modes of pulsation, vibration or escalation through the app and adjusts the strength of vibration, stimulating various points and other delights. And this thing can be controlled using the remote control. Thing is, apparently, lovely and nice, and girls like that.



None of the serious sexual fun without cost without lubricants or in common oils. Only have a boring, ordinary oil, thanks to which is easier to look in the hollow of love, and there are serious, intelligent lubrication that everything else has a stimulating effect. It warms, energizes and stimulates both partners, in other words, does half the job for both of you. Everything else – business equipment.

The most important thing in our obsession with health time is that it entirely consists of natural ingredients: vitamin PP warms, ginseng extract soothes, heals and nourishes the mucous membrane of the vagina. So to fear and to worry about allergic reactions is not worth it, it’s like medicine. Aphrodisiac and sexual medicine.

Vibrators with electrical stimulation


Vibrator with electrical stimulation… Sounds like another fad of the heroine of «50 shades of grey» or the whim of the Japanese hardcore porn.

It is actually much more humane. Any discharge current vibrator beats, but only sends the electric impulses. For a second, nerve cells send information to the brain in the form of electrical impulses, and thanks to increased and accelerated signals the pleasure increases several times. So science works for the benefit of love.

By the way, this apparatus can be used for the treatment of gynecological problems and in order to keep your vagina cheerful, young, fun, young, nanoalloy, but friendly.

Won’t tell you about the materials from which it is made, except to say that the device has 8 vibration programs and 5 programs of stimulation. Too little to confusing, and too cool for its competitors.



As we remember, Sauron had a ring that allowed him to become invisible and possess tremendous power. Unfortunately, the nature of such things left. But there are other rings that will allow you to win the girl.

Pyxis – water-proof ring ergonomically shaped from high quality soft, smooth, pleasant to the touch and hypoallergenic silicone. Like any self-respecting vibropresat, he has several modes of vibration. One charging is enough for about two and a half hours of work, however, does it take more?

Ring easy to use: pressed the button, leaned to the point of lust… and Then everything on the script. Simultaneously gentle and bold, like kissing a girl, he will prove your girl to ecstatic peaks and be brave assistant in the bedding battles. Of course, in moments of loneliness, when you’re not there, she will be able to use them myself. Convenient, compact, stimulating much better than any pheromones and petting – what could be better? Definitely a good thing, your girlfriend will tell him «thank you.»



Good old BDSM – classics of the genre, frozen in lust and light, a bit of subtle sadism. For some, the only chance I have to hit a woman, for others the only chance to get a beating fun. Despite its sadistic overtones, BDSM appreciated the beauty and functionality of improvised means, which are more than the hairs of Actresses with brazen porn 80. it is Desirable to have a mask, handcuffs, clamps, a warning, a collar, a whip and good old rope. As said, Ganji Samwise from «the Lord of the rings, without a rope does not do.» Here’s a gentleman’s inventory to add some spice of the moment. Not necessary to buy all at once, sets many and they are all markedly different from each other. Choose on the discretion and, more importantly, don’t be afraid, it’s worth it.

Sex machine


Can you be a good man, an exemplary family man, a successful businessman and a caring guy or man, you can have a wonderful wife, but sometimes passion fades. Poses get bored and want something new. To swing can be the most desperate for a Threesome – at least risk boys. Here for such people and created a sex machine. It’s simple: an inflatable mattress with a vibrator that can be adjusted. In fact, this machine replaces a third partner, and sometimes both. Judging by the fact that the kit car includes 3 vibrators, silk eye mask, whip-desativada, massage candle, a feather, a toy cleaner and lubricant, to play and fantasize until you’re blue. In every sense of the word.

Sex game


If you have sex without foreplay is like Yakubovich without the phrase «God bless you», then pay attention to «absent». It’s not about the drink that liberates, not worse, and about the wonderful game, interesting, exciting, with custom scripts for role-playing games and original versions of the preludes. The essence of the game is simple: you perform tasks according to the roles determined by the toss. Tasks written on the cards with four levels of «stiffness». With each new job the game becomes more liberated, gradually immersing you in a swirl of passion.



And again about women. With them we started, and they’re finished. We initiate and bring to a climax easier than those complicated ladies. Here for their whimsical «sweet spot» and was created by a stimulant, which transforms the mediocre, sad, like Peter in the fall, female Masturbation in the fireworks on Chinese New year. That’s a – Womanizer. This stimulant, there is one feature that you may not have noticed: it is contactless, that is to push and RUB them nice places don’t need it more delicate and modern. So, if you want to please your beloved, you know what to do.

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