You Only Live Once: drop everything and run after the white rabbit

manygoodtips.com_19.02.2014_SSElnpPO6DzXQThe phrase «you only Live once,» or the now fashionable cliche YOLO have become so vile in nature that they are as sick as any well-worn quotes Vkontakte. And all because of the followers. Nothing spoils a phenomenon, as his loyal fans. Instead of wasting his one precious life to understand the mysteries of mankind, getting diverse knowledge, experience and self-improvement (as if it went again, not sounded), YOLO adherents of different sex and age fun resort to indiscriminate sex, drinking questionable drinks absorption brown toadstools and other events that bring the most vile, mediocre, fast and relatively cheap, which in the future will affect their health and psyche is fraught with other problems. But again they dont care because YOLO as they understand it is a waste of life, because in the end you still will die. Why bother?

Why is «you only Live once» is actually a good idea? The first and more than logical reason: you really only live once. Proof of life after death is very questionable and is found only in casual games, where you have three lives and a couple continuou. The meaning of the phrase is that you should try to realize their potential, to learn and to develop themselves so it doesn’t hurt for aimlessly spent time. This philosophy is opposed to the boring humdrum of life in the mortgage Tolstaya housewife bangers-children and the only joy in life — the sudden Olympics. So why should we drop everything and run for the dream?

1. Everyone has their aptitudes and skills

Only a fool believes that parents selected profession is always the best. Parents may, unknowingly, trivial to implement via a child their dreams and ideas about life. See, I’m more than sure that there are talented dudes, mediocrity and the guys who have almost no strengths. There is no way that one guy has strengths, but he scored omega is incredibly pumped skill, for example, in cryptography. In life there is no justice. They are very smart guys with a good sense of humor, good looks, great abilities in different areas of the same genetics awarded body well respond to training. All our talents, inclinations and abilities are not random. Someone has to develop their data and working hard 10 hours a day, and someone for great results enough a maximum of two. Bad to bury their talents and inclinations in the ground just to be like everyone else and to satisfy parents. After all, if you have strong features (or relatively strong), not to develop them… irrational!

2. Leave a family legacy

We all have family heritage that is taken for pain in the groin to be proud of. I once talked to a gay man who proudly told me that his great-grandfather was a Cossack and, most likely, for this reason he famously stayed in the saddle in equestrian camping. It is enough just to describe what would have made his grandfather with him for his orientation when he learned about her, in the course went the whip.

Impossible to predict exactly what will happen tomorrow anyway, but now definitely will.

There are whole dynasties of doctors, composers, poets and writers. But let’s be honest: if one or two of the representative dynasty is really different that’s a hell of talent and skills, then the chance that the whole race would be great to write books or to treat people, is extremely small. Look at the modern representatives of the names, leading descended from prominent figures of the past. Cool if Tolstoy wrote, this does not mean that all his descendants entirely geniuses. It is not inherited! It’s great that you had cool relatives, but do not consider themselves heir to their victories. Because your grandfather was a writer, you’re not cool — you’re just a descendant of the writer. Are you proud of? Be proud. Just don’t take someone else’s achievement and not try to meet his relatives, if the soul you’ve got to the point of a dynasty is not.

3. The trick

Who believes that «his business» does not happen, is simply not found it yet. However, very often doing things does not work to earn. For this you can endure everything, including uninteresting work, but to be honest, is to find something you prefer.

In life should be a place of passion. Passion is not when two people are lying in the sand, trying to rip each other as much as you can and eat each other alive. Passion is fire, lust for life, thirst for action and nice meeting the new day. For passion to survive and the boring work. The life of a layman, how could anyone not sang, very very few people like. So many people are so gloomy faces, so many unrealized ambitions, negative and angry cynicism. But what is most important: the difference between 20, 30 and 40 years purely cosmetic, but every year they become meaner. People who are busy on your job and climb the career ladder not because it’s necessary, but because the cause burn, nice. They do not dare to call careerists: they are interested and so look alive.

4. You have no time, in addition

One man’s life is almost invisible to others and to history. Even the lives of great people nothing would change in the maelstrom of life on Earth, so do not build illusions about its significance. It is not necessary to create illusions, and about the future of their children: they can go their own way. Moreover, they need to go their own way. Keep them on a short leash, forcing him to do what he think is right, bad.

When else to follow their dreams, if not now? There is no other time. Impossible to predict exactly what will happen tomorrow anyway, but now definitely will.

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