You need to shave the groin and armpits

manygoodtips.com_5.11.2016_ZHS3xfrlURxw2Last today good Comedy Adam Sandler «don’t mess with the Zohan» one of the main roles got pubic hair. The main character is told that the luxuriant hair in the intimate area — the better, the more that girls love to lie on it hair on the pillow.

But in reality, the likelihood that someone will like your «Forest of the Zambezi», is extremely low. For some reason, people prefer more cushion, and not pubic bushes. Rather, you will be asked to shave it, hinting that the 70s are long gone. You can build yourself a lovers of old-school values and like Hank Moody to say that the hair on the genital areas and underarms give you to understand that your sexual partner is already an adult, and you — an adult uncle, but the society decided that the places that people are not shown, should be smooth like a baby face good.

To shave or not to shave — that is the question. I was, of course, such problems were not, at that time about things not even thought of. It is worth saying that so far, a clear answer to this question is no. Therefore, examine the question.

However, if you look at the sources of history, we can understand that men in ancient times thought about whether to shave these places or not. Archaeologists in the places of ancient people was discovered stone knives and shells, apparently used in nail order (performed the role of tongs and removed the excess hair from the body).


1. Any matter that relates to intimate aspects of life cannot be considered without taking into account medical recommendations. We asked Fedor Dobrolyubova, urologist, give recommendations.

«I do not advocate hair removal. One thing women hair removal is recommended from the hygienic point of view. But the man is no good. This can lead to a weakening of their protection from various infections. The skin on the testicles is quite delicate, and due to the fact that most men shave these places anyhow, to the skin are numerous cuts. Besides the discomfort, there is a risk that using them can get infected, and everything is possible, until serious, resectable cases».

There is one caveat: the fact that the pubic area and the testicles are covered with hair for thermoregulation of the genital organs. Small lymph nodes near the testicles and groin should be protected from cold air and sudden temperature changes. That is, shave off my fur, men’s tribe dooms precious body hypothermia. But during intercourse the testicles are protected by the hair for better evaporation of sweat and protect from salts and acids.

2. In addition, increased hairiness of the body is one of male secondary sex characteristics and the effect of the male hormone testosterone. A lot of women, apparently, according to the precepts of their ancestors, still determine the temperament of her hair.3. Our doctor told me another interesting feature. It appears, from the surface of the hair in the groin or armpits evaporate our male pheromones. And without them we may lose some masculine appeal.

4. In General, it’s wildly uncomfortable. After the first few treatments, the skin on the armpits, in the groin becomes red, covered with pimples, the field of discomfort and irritation. Irritated skin even in the quiescent state tends to be felt, and when it constantly rubs against underwear, a shirt, a shirt or the skin, the state of being transformed into excruciating pain, and all this only because the cold blade had cut their hair with genitalia.

5. In addition, the stubble grows pretty quickly, and have all the time to be alert in order to cut off the young man’s hair. Exercise is time consuming and requires more care than shaving the face, as places are very delicate and require extreme care. In fact, a waste of time, forcing many to abandon the process.6. And most importantly: why abandon what gave you that nature? The hair in these places are not fossils, they have their own role and its purpose, so it pays to get rid of them. Anyway, not a male thing — RUB the intimate spots in front of the mirror. Man is always busy, and such nonsense in his time there. Like no matter what you think about it girls and others. If someone refuses his burning passion of the body — it takes someone unceremoniously and power, conquering other advantages.


manygoodtips.com_5.11.2016_jop1hszxUVrLs1. Visual genital organ, devoid of wigs, looks more. Extra inches to the existing 11 will not increase, and the depth of penetration is not increasing. But when look for in this zone, the soul falls into joyful dancing of Satan, and from the confidence taken from somewhere.

2. Men, boys, and adults, the poor have always been interested to know about their reproductive organs think of the opposite sex. And they think that the shaved rod of love is a symbol of the decency of its owner. They say the normal man, takes care of himself and is very kind to the rules of hygiene, be sure to shave your «spine». For many women shaved «jade scepter» is much sexier and more attractive than shaggy.

3. Not everyone likes to find long curly hair in his bed or to pick out them from the head of the penis. Besides the pheromone scent from the bushes is not like all. Even after thorough washing zapravki in the «coat» groin starts to produce a smell. In this case, it is hygienic, of course, is to shave.4. Very often virgins, girls & women, even the most lonely and despairing that fate presents the opportunity to have sex once in 5 years, do not like to spend too much time in oral sex hairy genitals. Maybe in the 70’s and in earlier times women were more patient, but the new century has brought us girls who don’t like to get rid of unwanted hairs. Actually, you can understand them, and we are embarrassed. It is proven that women are more inclined to oral sex, if you see an aesthetically well-groomed male organ.

5. By and large, warm, shorts and pants eggs will be comfortable, and no hypothermia, no problems with regulators was observed. On the contrary, it is believed that in several layers of cloth and natural fur testicles overheat, and if you remove the «coat», it will create a very favorable temperature for the proper functioning of testicles. Their temperature should be 3.3 degrees less than body temperature (they handed out). And the extra Parking interferes with the normal maturation of sperm and secretion of testosterone. Although there are not many men who wear at the hips a stove. On the contrary, many neglect it, freezing the capacity of love of kokoszki a refusal to wear pants in the cold season.

And not to say that britophile Cavaliers are less popular. Times the doctors say — so the danger is still there, but to say that the problem is so urgent, can not. But if you adapt and get the hang of it, the process will cease to cause discomfort.

6. As for the underarms, many shave them solely for the sake of aesthetic beauty of the flesh. Of course, peasant body without fluffy carpets under your arms looks much nicer and tidier. Worse sticking out the bushes at the junction of the arms and body look only on girls ‘ bodies.

The hair on the armpits is not a damn thing sexy. The hair on his chest, arms, legs — it’s very manly, but on the back and armpits is the second most unsexy after socks under sandals.7. But beauty is one thing, and quite another — hygiene. Hairy armpits sweat a lot faster, bringing the smell is disgusting, especially when the patient has problems with sweating, or outside the window mercilessly the warm sun. Therefore, it is desirable to shave and to wash — it does not matter, they are bald or hairy.

8. Here is an example where hygiene and economy are grouped together. The fact that overgrown armpits smell very bad and therefore they need more deodorant, soap and water. And it is not always the effect lives up to expectations, because most of the deodorants are designed for application to the skin, not the hair. And deodorant just glues the hairs are in a bad coma, which drains the whole pot.

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