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Hey, Bro! I would like to ask a question or even a few on the topic (and I quote): «Sexual organ of the man is the brain.» Soon you will quote everything I hope. You always give good advice! How to develop as a person? What to read and study? On what topics? What is literature? You need to «pump» this amazing organ – the brain?) You’re like master Yoda and what else was there master! Give your Padawans! Thanks, Dude.

The answer

Dude, glad you and your letter in our cozy log! Hope you haven’t waited too long to answer, but if long, do not obessud. A lot of dudes, and one. In addition, each issue needs its share of understanding, otherwise it will not tip, and the sand through my fingers.

Go to your question. Reduce it: «How to pump the brain?» To begin with, that your brain is a heck of complex tool that is able to use only a small part of the population of this planet. If they correctly used the more people, about the many tragedies we would not have heard. And no economic crises would not be. My head and decided to score all sorts of rubbish, which has a devastating effect on your mind and makes you angry and miserable bastard. For this reason, the first step is to set a custom filter that will allow you to distinguish what content is objectively useful and what is not.

The difficulty lies in the fact that in some moments the significance of the specific content varies, sometimes reduced to zero, and the specific situation in addition dictates the conditions. Easy to get lost, be left with nothing. With some hidebound idea in my head that will not be viable. You’ve probably seen elderly people, who are guided in this world worse than any baby, while defending long-dead «the truth». Yeah, sorry, but you have to be more mobile in terms of knowledge. It’ll save you, dude. And we should start with different kinds of thinkers: Socrates, Machiavelli, Nietzsche, Adam Smith, Slavoj Zizek, Evgeny Golovin and others they will pull you to their side, but everyone will bring you something new. Try not to be the first time anyone’s side, just study the views of the world, whatever they were.

Also advise you not to abandon the television or viewing any funny garbage from the Internet. Sometimes the guy needs to relax, and everyone has their own methods. However, it is necessary to reduce the degree of senseless entertainment information in your day. Replace that piece of crap popular scientific gear or any YouTube channels that can tell you about life in other countries or something like that. This is all too fun really, but much better quality than any «scandals, intrigues, investigation.» However, it was not all science-pop. He is handsome and information of these films is good for you, but it’s still not a full-fledged scientific books that is periodically read. Your task – to develop interest in new knowledge that expand horizons, break misconceptions, make you better.

And, of course, sooner or later you’ll have to move to a new level. Determine with your interest area, try to go into it, carefully examine it. This can be anything from the history of Ancient China in the evolution of galaxies. Do not have to be a certified specialist to the de facto understanding of the subject on a professional level. Many independent researchers to prove this assertion.

Historical treatises are a separate item. To many they seem boring, but it’s only because many of them have never been opened. Textbooks really outrageously boring, but the work of Theodore Mommsen or Ruth Benedict’s well written. Studying history, you begin to better understand what is happening in the world, less surprising.

But if we are talking about personality, it is only a matter of time and experience. It is life that tests your endurance, makes you. But here I can give advice. Read fiction, which has not lost its relevance. Not to be shunned modern Western or Russian writers. Culture in decline – thesis to those guys that this culture does not have the slightest relationship. Now published many very good books that are crammed with interesting stories, thoughts, ideas. Their true value we can not even understand, as I live in this time.

But don’t forget about the classics. Pay attention to the national literature of other countries, e.g. Australia and Norway. Their books are published by small, by the standards of domestic trash, copies. But many of the published worth the time spent. By the way, very soon will be published a number of texts dedicated to the really good books from different genres and different times. Don’t miss it!

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