You need to know before going to a rock concert

manygoodtips.com_12.11.2014_g0dktCmOrKSqQLook, here’s the thing: we editors are going to go to the next concert, for sure you too often visit them. And I hope that this is not the speech of Bieber or another Justin. You’re a tough dude, and you should not be afraid of heavy music. By the way, Yes, we’re going to a rock concert.

What we actually decided to write this article? When was the last time we were at the concert of the famous and not such a difficult group TDG, we did not bring rest to the author’s gut. When writing texts (articles in this case), you’re every emotion, thinking and trying to perform.

«Hmm… I Must remember this moment/feeling/situation, suddenly our dudes will be interesting to read,» – such thoughts we had during the last rock concert. Not the first, of course. It has long been brewing the idea to write such an article. Meanwhile, on our site there is an article on how not to embarrass yourself at a rock concert, but this time we would like to consider this topic in more detail. Sure you don’t mind.

Rather, this article will not consist of severe, not related items. I would like to make more chronological. Won’t start with buying a ticket and waiting for the arrival of one of my favorite groups. Probably, we will bring you to the place where have gathered quite an impressive place – the crowd of people eager to see their idols.


First, maybe you’re a little surprised the assembled audience around the site that will host the concert. We were not on the same concert with representatives of heavy music. And why most of the people who came to them has not yet reached the age of majority.

Of course music can listen to everything and everyone. It’s just kind of sad. You are waiting for this moment to finally see the legendary creators, and end up in a crowd with more than fifteen years. Immediately feel uncomfortable.

There are certain age limits that are established by the organizers of the concert. For example, if you’re not 16, you can come along with your carer or just a father. But it still does not relieve the lovers from the squeals of immature listeners.


While standing in disbelief and visiting spectators, begin to miss. Now you need to determine the area. You should choose a place where, most likely, will spend most of the concert. The next hour you just wait for the end of malenkogo warm up (and maybe quite decent, which happens quite rarely).

Of course, when you take the ticket you consciously chose the main sector. If you don’t mind to spend this evening, sitting at a table and drinking beer, then take the VIP seats. Only it’s not an ordinary concert of local artists. Why pay three times more? To sit around?

Another thing, if you took the VIP to put on the chair the clothes and backpacks of friends (in the wardrobe bag you have, of course, will not take). You will leave things, and he along with a crowd going into a Mosh in the hope that your stuff is not properly searched people sitting at the next table.


So. Defines place. If you’re not first time on this site, you should know where there are going quiet listeners, and aggressive fans. Usually it is meat that is happening in the center. So if you want to just enjoy the performance and stay unharmed, annexe somewhere behind the bar and quietly observe.

Not the fact, of course, that will hold in this position during the entire concert. If you are by nature a quiet man, but very fond of music came artist, then surely the first few songs you can dance and throw a goat with glass of beer, and then go into the lead.

How could you not be a fan, neutral or aggressive, respect the freedom of the fans from the opposite camp. Everyone has the right to Mosh and relaxing pastime. It all depends on the temperament.


There are people who, even during the concert grumbling about the fact that it brought together those who know only a few of the most popular hits. We were never one of the haters like lovers. They paid the same money and dumps you. Who cares how many songs from the last album they memorized?

It is very difficult to really love a particular group and its composition, because pseudostate, not connoisseurs consider it necessary to memorize the names of the children and sisters are all performers, and they somehow think that this should be done every.

We believe that, on the contrary, you just need to love the creativity of these people. And not care that they are drug addicts, how many of them have wives and how many centimeter cock. What does it matter?


If you, like us, annoying similar fashion, then you can break the glass of beer on the head of this all-knowing asshole. I don’t care what the glasses are plastic, you have to exert maximum effort.

Know all the songs of this group as well as we are? Great! Only you don’t have to like all their songs. It is quite normal. Y which groups all the components of a good album.

The most important thing we can do to wish for, is to party! Forget for a few hours about everything. This time belongs to you, you should take from this evening. Fortunately, lately coming to us quite a lot of performers of quality music. Hope you’re as excited by this as ours.

Until the iron curtain fell, live it. Maybe you’ve dreamed about this all my life and never believed that your favorite group may come to Russia. If you have, of course, is beloved group. If these guys arrive, then get them in whatever city they are not sent by the organizers. That’s your dream! Believe me, you certainly won’t regret the trip quickly forget about the audience and will give a concert as soon what we do.

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