You need to confess his love to a foreign girl


Hello, journal, happy New year, I wish you nerves of steel as you ask various questions several times.

The item you will be interesting.

I have a best friend, I fell in love with, but she has a boyfriend, whom she’s never spoken about, but apparently, for six months straight, they became family to each other.

I fell in love with it without memory of how Martin Eden to Ruth, and she inspires me to incredible feats. We communicate very well, though familiar, too, about six months, but communicate as though a lifetime spent together. Probably, in my eyes she read what I feel for her, and she asks about my personal life.

In the last meeting I was a bit hard to keep it all to myself, and I wrote her this letter-recognition and made a symbolic gift, she’ll get them. Although I love her, I’m not going this letter to steal her from the boyfriend and ruin her relationship, but I want to show her that in me she will find a sincere friend.

The question is whether do such things, knowing that she has a boyfriend?

The answer

Hey, homewrecker! Merry Christmas to you. Thanks for the suggestions, they are relevant. And about your interesting question and say nothing. Long time we did not have this, or rather, never.

So listen up, Martin Eden, all of these «probably, in my eyes she read what I feel about her, and always asks about my personal life» and «communicate very well» doesn’t mean she sees you as a partner. Most likely, you’re just frenzeny fun. Maybe she thinks you’re a fag, never thought about this? But such things happen. Well, anyway, consider. Don’t forget that the girls who are in relationships, love to make friends. The only problem is that the men friends they don’t see, unlike you guys. They need them for peace of mind. If she found her boyfriend in the moment when you talked to her, then rock the boat too late. Because of being in the friend zone easy, but to get out of it very difficult.

That is to say, a very unsatisfactory situation. What a pity that you understand about his love only after she found love. And admit have tet-a-tet in the eye to speak or like in the movie «love actually» — Christmas song, written on paper declarations. And the Scripture is cowardly and obviously not give you the benefits.

You know, in all fairness, the girls have to beat only when they can’t make with a guy when they are scattered on different shores, and the breakup is only a matter of time. Then the breakup will not bring her any pain, but the former do not want to stuff your face. Or you want, but honestly you’re right. In any case, you will justify themselves by saying that everything was going to rupture. Just trust almost four years of successful personal experience. In the end, the man lives by the law of the jungle, so that females often have to fight off.

Or to discourage foreign brides should be when they just started Dating. It’s ugly from a human point of view, but gives a chance to your confession to reach the heart.

In this situation, if you say «for six months straight, they became family to each other,» you almost lost all the chances for reciprocity. Only the girl was confused, though she knew about all of that. She asks about your personal life, because he loves you… rather as a friend, and hopes that new love bring down your love impulse, depriving it thus unnecessary complications.

I had a friend, his name was Francois Mouse. Francois managed to repel the girl, but after a time greatly regretted it. The girl considered herself a prostitute, she was tormented by conscience. As a result, after a month they are divorced and, according to intelligence, it is in principle not interested in a relationship. Interestingly, they then reunited with the former, but too long.Oh yeah, you don’t want this letter to steal her from the boyfriend and ruin her relationship, but I want to show her that you have she will find a sincere friend… but tell me, why are you a fool? Or do you really think so? To admit the girl in love, that she counted you as a friend? Man, you’ve made everything worse. Now it will be much harder to communicate with you. And please don’t deny the fact that deep down hope that she will leave her boyfriend and come running to you in tears, with the words «I have waited a lifetime for, when you admit me.» But she’s not gonna come, most likely, will pretend like nothing happened or even begin to avoid you. In General, don’t hide behind excuses like «I don’t want to ruin their relationship». It’s pointless.

Or do you know a guy like Eric Clapton? The guy was madly in love with the wife of his close friend, who, incidentally, was the name of George Harrison, the legendary former»beatle». He knew that to discourage wives from their friends wrong, and he wrote one of his best songs Layla. It is not surprising that after some time the couple broke up and the girl ran off the guy who wrote such a good song. They were married, the former husband was their best man at the wedding. However, the marriage did not last long. Here’s the story of a happy but short-lived love. However, Clapton waited patiently and didn’t say who this song is dedicated to. Because Harrison though was a very peaceful man, but I grew up in a working class neighborhood of Liverpool, and they beat the muzzle.

In General, we summarize. To write a Declaration of love when you’ve lost your chance, and a person is doing well in his personal life, wrong. Still wrong to write a Declaration of love in the hope of a friendship. Now you either have to wait for the time when their relationship will come to naught, or to find a new girl and not make any more such mistakes. Fight for your love always, but don’t push to the extreme. Or live with a poem Tyutchev on the lips and do not let discomfort to other people.

Shut up, hide, and Thai

And feelings and dreams —

Let psychic depths

Get up and go Onet

Silent as the stars in the night-

Enjoy them and shut up. Ask your question wording

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