You need a mini vacation, and we know what be cool if, now, behind you is the chief and sees that you’re reading, because today we’ll talk about the work that you finally got. You can no longer see the same faces day in and day you a vital piece of the vacation.

Just a little piece, not necessarily to escape from the commander’s eyes for a whole month. But where can I get strength and inspiration for a new project at work? You need a little vacation, and we have something to say about it and how to support you.

1. Information

You know that 51% of the information you consume during the working day – it’s just something unnecessary, something that is not useful for work. You spend too much time and effort on processing unnecessary information that will make you a more successful employee, but can easily drain.

I’m sure you noticed that there are days when stupid can’t force yourself to do something, even something you normally think of it. You’re so jaded that you no longer have the strength to consume and produce information.

2. Brain

The brain – the body is very tired, after a rest he will be able only when you die. Think about it, you put too much load their strange thoughts and formulas.

The brain spends most of energy to your body – more than 20%. So do a little rest for yourself, otherwise you’ll be dead in the workplace.

3. Work

You work always, not only in the time allotted: day or night, for a family dinner, in my sleep. Always think about your fucking job, but no one will pay you for these efforts.

Decided to beat the target? Nobody cares! You process information working 20 hours a day is very tiring. Even if we promise ourselves not to check the mail, still going to think about the possible unread messages. Don’t do that.

4. Glut

We don’t want to talk about the dangers of gadgets and the Internet. On the contrary, all our work is now connected to the Internet. Now you are reading this article, and in the browser when it opened a few tabs, you’re constantly distracted, I hear you got another warning and the transition from one tab to another.

You are able to lock your brain with unnecessary information in just a few minutes. Remember the scheme: interesting record from the dude – go to page – Oh, cool. – go to a page… And page after page, from one – to friends of friends. Why are you doing this?

Where to spend a short vacation?

So, you must be fully aware of how much you needed a vacation. We would advise to hold it somewhere in a remote village. Well, where haven’t got a damn Internet. Don’t be afraid for his ass, before same people somehow coped without the global network, so can you.

Why we suggest you to spend a mini vacation in a remote from civilization place:


You will need less check solutions. You don’t have alternatives where you can spend a quiet evening. It is in the city you spent most of the holidays in search of on the Internet places for entertainment. Here you don’t need that. Pinned wood melt bath…


Not the watch. If you don’t wear a watch or don’t know how to use them, then you’re in luck. Just enjoy what is happening now. When it gets dark, go back to the house, brightens to go out in the woods or just in the yard. Enjoy the outdoors: you probably already forgot how beautiful the woods are. Sometimes even breathtaking – you can enjoy for hours. You yourself will feel that life has changed listen not only to nature but also to himself.


Play games. Not the ones on your computer or phone. Get cards, dominoes, Board games. There is a large selection of modern toys. Choose and play. Call friends over for dinner and show them who is the God of the Mafia, for example. Remember how cool it is to connect with the real people.


We would not say that you should meditate. You are in unusual for your condition, when you sit on a stump in the woods and begin to consider all this magical beauty. Cliff, stream, sky, berries, trees… Begin to think about how happy you are, and what makes you happy.


Bring from the city directory of mushroom picker, for example. Find what to do in the woods. You have to take everything from this mini-vacation. But still don’t put in your mouth the unfamiliar mushrooms, you had better consult the local residents: they’re not from books know the local vegetation.

Most importantly, do not wives in the role of a hermit. Perhaps at work you are an indispensable employee. Well, or at least for your family you’re irreplaceable. You have a week in a cool and relaxing stay. You will have time to recharge with nature, and there will be lots of ideas and inspiration for the work. Fresh and rested you’re more like his leadership.

Take note that the vacation does not have to be noisy and drunk. You can relax in a calm atmosphere. Bring a book. Very cool to read something exciting in the open fresh air. Just do not waste your time on cheap detectives, turn to the classics, which will create a special atmosphere. Hope you were inspired and already stood in line to his superiors, to beg for a little vacation.

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