You love her, but she doesn’t reciprocate. Why?

In life it so happens that you really fall in love. Fall in love maybe super alpha male and a strong middling, and the last tiny man. And most importantly, they will behave exactly the same. But, dude, even when you’re in love, you should turn your head. You’re a great guy, you love other women, you do have undeniable advantages, but it does not pay you any attention. Absolutely no! I mean sexually. Our article is not even about the friend zone even friend zone will also appear in it more than once. You love her, up, she, bitch, is not responsible for this return. Why?

1. You’re trying to get her

In attempts to seduce any person we forget that we look like beggars in the subway: these begging, degrading and completely insignificant. If you think that girls feel such pity dudes, you’re partially right, but most of them feel from such attention only inconvenience. And we understand them. Somehow we even published an article «he Who seeks will find». And here she is, by the way. The girl like the effect of the chase, and when you surround her with care, but not willing to fall on his knees at the first click of his fingers, to kiss her feet. It’s painful, man!

2. She knows she can easily get you

Girls also do not like the accessibility, because in their minds densely populated of the myth that a real man is the one who came, saw, fucked, grabbed his arms and dragged him. And here she can twist you as she pleases, you’re embarrassing yourself! These girls are driving in the friend zone, you know why? Because this mess right! It’s not that you have to behave like a complete m*duck, sending it to yuh on the first request. You don’t have to cringe and look as though ready thirty times to walk her dog every day. Simply put, respect yourself, man! And you will have happiness.

3. You’re not her type

I remember I had a friend who had a special quirk about the beautiful hands of children. That is hands. Another distant friend went crazy from the doctors, probably because her first boyfriend was a medical student. The girls, like do people even have weird tastes. There are girls who love well-defined type of guy, but guys who are somewhat different from their ideas of «perfect» them does not excite. Someone like tall brunettes, some prefer blondes who like guys the same height, who do not have benefits — they take all, the main thing that the husband was there. Quite simply, the man!

4. She sees you as a friend

Dude, it’s not in the friend zone. So happens that you know some girl for a very long time and gradually much in love with her. It could be your roommate, it could be a friend of your sister, classmate or classmate. That’s the trouble: she does not perceive you as a guy and tries to be friends with you, while friendship is destroyed by the fact that one of its subjects «stood up» on the other. The chance that she will see in you an object of desire and not «the Nick of the fifth «A» that the grade book was stolen», Fig.

5. She’s in love with someone else

If a girl is madly in love with someone else, all the people around her ceases to exist! I’m serious! She falls into the strange prostration, and ceases to notice, you are such a beautiful run with a large bouquet of flowers. Here to do nothing, man!

6. She believes that you are incompatible

The most idiotic reason that, despite everything, the girls believe, and you might be breed — a belief in horoscopes. If you are a lion, she is Aquarius, therefore you will never be together! But this garbage, man! Some girls are confident that they will be incompatible with the rich, poor, smart, stupid, low people without a sense of humor and no common topics of conversation (the last two are true). You may not have several things, as I’m sure the girl must be that guy she wants to meet.

7. She’s a lesbian

Simple and stupid reason. She plays in a different League! It’s not always noticeable at first glance.


8. She has unrealistic expectations of others

There’s nothing worse than excessive demands of others, provided that you of these requirements as it is not much answer. Some bastard had taught the girl that she is almost a Princess that she is incredibly clever and devilishly handsome, so she needs only a Prince or a tycoon. Possess beauty, intelligence and education it is not necessary — necessarily just to convince myself of them.

9. The influence of the family

Maybe she even liked it, but when she told about you to my parents, they said that don’t want their child walking with «that guy.» You might seem frivolous, maybe they just want her to fully control, and they may for some reason think that you are not a man. It happens, man!

10. She’s not ready for a relationship

She sees that you’re running around and want something more than just casual sex. But she is not ready. Perhaps she is hurting from past relationships, or she just does not want someone to be.

11. She has no idea what she’s like

Instead of saying to her face, «Woman, I love you, let’s meet!», you’re throwing some kind of heresy from the hints, hints and winks on Facebook (that’s fag stuff?). If you seriously think that women can take a hint better than being blunt, you are not right. Better understand directness and most of all appreciate EW, man! So if you didn’t tell her in the face even once, she probably has no idea.

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