You live or exist?


We all are in some way the same. We all want the same thing: to be healthy, successful, loved, etc. But despite some commonalities, we also completely different.

And the fact that we are different from each other — quite normal thing. Otherwise, how boring would the world be if, from one end of the globe to another, we all looked, thought and acted the same way? The unique character of people and their nationalities, which gives our world its atmosphere.

This uniqueness varies not only from physical aspects and cultural traits, but also includes differences in mentality. Although diversity is a positive aspect, there are certain differences in the mentality of the whole society, which is worth considering.


One difference to consider, is how people choose approach to life. While some of us are usually enthusiastic, positive and energetic, others are relatively boring and primitive existence. These others had nothing interesting or unusual in your life, and instead to live, they just exist.

They live as if they’re just waiting to die. Maybe they lost inspiration or hope, or maybe they just don’t know how life can be. But life is definitely much better when you feel inspired and when you are eager to conquer the world.

Alas, in the world there are many such people who exist, not live. They are so immersed in the installation and are part of the herd that they do not remain the same life spark. Their lives were restricted to solution of any problems, the commercial benefits and other hassles, which makes life in some sense but does not make it interesting and attractive.


In some regions and cities, the life energy is felt more than others. But this atmosphere comes out from the beauty of the architecture or the grandeur of cities. She comes from the streets. Take, for example, any metropolis, the same new York concrete jungle filled with monotonous brick houses, walls and the pavement — all this can hardly be called particularly beautiful. But on these streets you can feel the energy and power of the city. This people make new York so interesting and inspiring place.

Even in countries where the population suffers from poverty and political problems, you can still find people who find pleasure in the little things and live an exciting, passionate life, content with what they have.

And there are places where people live in normal conditions, with good health system, education and the like, but on the streets there are people empty and dissatisfied persons. As if these people were already tired of life, despite the fact that are still young and in his Prime.

The mentality is much more important than we think, and it’s true.. Our mind, our thoughts and our attitude is all we are, that’s all we do and all that we are capable of. So the energy, inspiration and passion is the necessary state of mind, it is a prerequisite to be happy and live a full life.

Some people may not know how to feel is a state of mind, perhaps because they are too little to be in such voodushevlenno condition.


But regardless of whether you’re a passionate man, or are boring and unprincipled way of life, you need a little push, try to do the following: remember some of the most memorable experiences your first time. The first time you experienced the most important moments in their lives. Remember the first time you got behind the wheel as the first time I fell in love, kissed, the first time I woke up in a strange bed. Remember how you first got the job, which dreamed how the first time went to travel and what they felt when they visited new places.

Remember how you felt? You were excited, like butterflies were flying in my stomach. This feeling is called nothing other than life. As long as you continue to experience this feeling, the longing and the excitement, you evolve, become better and live a more fulfilled life.


The main thing is to strive to always feel this way; it is important to surround yourself with positive people and strive to remain in that state of mind.

People can change from place to place, from city to city and from country to country, but passionate people exist in all parts of the world in which we live. So where ever you are, you should always remember that life is more than just existence.

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