You know what is hardcore?

If you studied foreign languages, you have met the words in Russian are not translated: they describe things that everyone understands, but in Russian they have no equivalent. One of those wonderful words — the English word hardcore. The word means almost any hard thing. Or rude. Or heavy. We told you about a hard drinking games- what’s wrong with hardcore?

Explain what is hardcore today

Generally it is a compound word. The vast majority of it is used in relation to music, whether instrumental or electronic. Yet, ironically, it is often used in the porn industry. And, of course, just like that — to describe any hard things. Like: «that was a hardcore party!» So, today we will tell you what is hardcore and what it eats. Let’s start with a decent with music. And then, so to speak, for dessert, we turn to porn.

what is hardcore

Let’s start with hardcore-punk. The word «punk» is familiar to you. That it changed in the late seventies and when he appeared? Remember three key words: faster, heavier, shorter. The track could last less than one minute, you are no extended extreme solos, no choruses several times. A couple of verses. Soon the hardcore separated from punk culture and became a separate cultural environment. A beginning in this direction is impossible without such groups as Black Flag, Bad Brians, and Minor Threat.

Remember: you don’t know what is hardcore, if you don’t have a clue about DIY. DIY-ethics is one of the pillars on which rests the punk/hardcore culture. The principles of DIY (do it yourself) is to do everything yourself. Not to be a consumer of music and play music myself. Not be recorded on a major label, and recording yourself with the help of friends. Consume less, create more — this is the basic idea DIY.

The first band playing in this style was Black Flag that appeared in 1976. Just like in the written: short fast songs, social themes. A year later came Bad Brains, mixed hardcore with reggae, and after three legendary Minor Threat who became the founders of the straight edge culture of restraint, rejection of alcohol, nicotine, drugs, and promiscuity. It was a real revolution in the protest culture. Today hardcore punk is alive and well, there are a lot of groups: as known worldwide, and small-town. Sure in your town they are also there, and not one. And as well-known performers, we can tell you Have Heart, Ten Yard Fight, Anchor — the list is large and really impressive.

As to the music, that’s not all. If you know what is heard on hardcore hardcore-techno. This, too, and that’s cool — for real men. As you have already figured out the second part of the title, hardcore techno is a genre of electronic music. If prosquality slightly up and to refresh their knowledge, then the situation becomes clearer: this is techno tougher than usual, and, like hardcore punk, faster than its predecessor. The pace is really fast, really fast — up to 300 beats per minute (but this is a terror, for he abnormal). If you heard Angerfist, have you heard of hardcore techno in its best form. Actually, his weight, so to speak, of styles: and the pious gabber from Holland, and scary fast speedcore and terror, and intellectual Bracker with broken rhythms: you can choose whatever you want, and cheerful with happy pitchenik vocals (remember carbon monoxide Scooter?). It all — hardcore techno, big bad.

Oh, and for dessert we will tell you about hardcore porn. Although to tell apart not, the main thing — to know the fundamental difference. Again, scrollin up and see the words: hard and rough. This hardcore porn is hard and rough.

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