You know, having been on factory vibrators and artificial vaginas

Imagine the evil brother of Willy Wonka, which is a chocolate factory leads the factory vibrators. There’s a giant chocolate river, but there are several creeks that overflow the banks of various shapes and coating — lubrication for every taste. There are no molds for chocolates, but there are several tens of forms for all sorts of anal plugs, masturbators and dildos. Fairyland for those who are not characterized by gentleness. We went on a virtual tour of the factory, so you learned something new about the most perverted things which were created by man.

1 Huge anal plugs , Imagine a huge anal plug size traffic cone. Who is insert? But that’s not the weird part, although if you imagine the hole into which fits the cone, it becomes creepy. Imagine another thing made an impression with your hands and created on its basis a huge Dildo. Artificial hand, which is thrust in women. I wonder how common such a device among our women?

2 Flavors of lubricants

Of course, this factory is full of grease, it there are tons. Near the cash register of the supermarket store, we see only a pitiful semblance of universal abundance lubricants. Tastes are not limited to strawberry and banana. There is, for example, oil with the smell and taste of cinnamon, marshmallow, red licorice, cake. There are even flavored cinnamon rolls. That is, if you’re one of «them» and you do annilingus her friend, then after the process, your mouth will smell like a bakery where you go to eat Breakfast every morning. Themselves chemists who work on the taste palette of lubrication for sex, can reproduce absolutely any taste, even steak. 3 Sex cosmetics is not only a lubricant There are also sprays that make your girlfriend lip plumper. There are sprays that prevent dryness of the mouth and numbness of the throat, when the girls busy in oral sex. There are plenty of warming and cooling lubricants that raise or lower sensitivity. There are stimulating gels, there is even such a miracle of science as «liquid vibrator» that vibrates after application to the skin — it looks like it is probably in the spirit of the horror films of the 80s. There is even a thing that makes the urine more… palatable. Created exclusively for those who like «Golden showers» and other marginal directions in sex.

4 Artificial vagina full of secrets, as these


At first glance it seems that any masturbator that simulates a vagina is just a rubber rectangle or circle that has one entry point and one exit point. If there is no difference in the internal filling. In fact, the interior of the masturbator is an exact replica of the womb of women. And this is a copy of the vagina a certain woman, who agreed to cast.

For the purpose of advertising the manufacturers usually pay porn stars so they acted as a «benchmark» for the masturbator. So if you buy some quality sex-device in the vagina, it is quite possible you will be the analogue of the vagina some Sasha grey or Sunny lane.

5 the Owners of sex shops, read user reviews of the»Easy to clean and does not smell very bad»

This is important for developers of new product, and for the owners of sex shops. They look at the feedback to work on the bugs, remove the goods from the conveyor or to buy it. Production errors are the place to be in the sex industry. So a positive review some «MissFucker1997» warms the soul to the owner of the factory more than coffee with cinnamon.

6 vibrators artists work

Notice the unique curves and proportions of the vibrator girlfriend? No, no one feeds the factory workers hallucinogenic mushrooms, just the artists decided to work on the form and make it as friendly to women — they like to stick to something good, really. Just look at the range of female vibrators to ensure that there were working artists and designers, not just perverts.

7 Anal toys for straight guys

Anal toys for straight men is a huge growing market. Earlier it was difficult to imagine, for what a man want to shove his ass all sorts of things? But as it turned out, some want. And it’s not in orientation, and in the prostate, which is said to even be useful to encourage. So there are even manufacturers of the «kits for beginners», which includes training kit anal plugs, vibrators, and lube. Our job is to give you this information, and what to do with it is up to you.8 Mainstream

Before sex toys became mainstream, they have come a long way. First, they looked untidy, original and minimalistic. People tried to copy the anatomy or doing something simple. Today the sex industry is one of the driving forces of engineering, combining technical and psychological components of sexual satisfaction. Sure that the sex robots will come to market before work, which will help to translate the grandmother across the street.

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