You have to survive the coming winter

manygoodtips.com_18.11.2014_dzC6i9sZkKu03Feel, because November is already ending. Still quite a bit, and come real cold, of course, in some regions of Russia they have occurred, but since our grim edition lives in Krasnodar, we have not yet touched by frost and cold.

It’s not even that cold. Just a summer away from you, and you gradually fall into unnecessary depression. Dude, the approaching winter is not a reason to tighten the noose on the neck. We know how to cope with your boredom.

1. Find what to do

Summer is the perfect time for the beach, the sea, amusement parks, unforgettable festivals and concerts. You always know what to do with myself in the warm season, you can not drag a girl in a expensive cafe, and to walk with her through the Park to buy cotton candy and more.

In the fall you go to football games, Hiking, sitting around the campfire with friends. Well, what to do in the winter? Try to find something to do this snowy time of year. Learn, finally, to ski. Arrange the output movie or come up with something fun for himself and friends.

2. Not to escalate

No need to respond negatively about the current season, you’re set. The road has deteriorated, too dark at night, lots of snow, lots of snow… You can not please everyone! The summer is hot and humid, autumn – rain, spring – annoying bird or something. Keep a positive attitude and better don’t talk in empty weather.

3. Love the sun

Make the sun as often as possible. Decided on Saturday to sit in front of the TV with a beard and dirty hair, and on the street seemed bright sun? Goodbye favorite box with color pictures! Get off your lazy ass and run into the street. Enjoy the energy of the sun.

4. A holiday

In the winter, so sad, no one wants to have fun, try to dilute this gray-black mass of people. Don’t be a Downer, arrange a holiday. Treat yourself to the rest of the week and went to the bar with friends. I make it a rule: every weekend you need to go somewhere outside the home. We are not a supermarket where he usually shopped for the week ahead and not about shopping malls.

Go to the movies, attend concerts, so in the winter they also occur. Maybe now is the time to visit the theater? Surely your town has a lot of interesting places which you don’t even know.

5. Sleep

Collapses to sleep for the whole weekend – that will not help you to cope with boredom. You have to sleep and not much and not enough. This means that your sleep should be 7-8 hours. Otherwise you risk to fall into a deep apathy. So don’t forget to set the alarm clock even on weekends.

6. Make a list

Our beloved Council. Usually you find it motivational articles. Only this time you will need in order to entertain yourself, not to control. Record in a notebook everything you do in every winter weekend. Don’t waste those precious two days a week on the telly.

Maybe look in Internet and see what concerts are expected in the near future? Don’t always have to stay in the city. You can go to hell.

7. No pain

It is difficult to stick to this rule, when every day dealing with sneezing, coughing and farting people. Around viruses and contagion, which is why you have to monitor their health. Get out of the closet a scarf that a friend gave you last year, cut the tag, tie a scarf, like we taught you and noses.

Don’t forget about disinfecting gel, vitamins and warm tea with lemon and honey. So, in the winter it is better to replace sugar with honey or homemade jam.

8. Listen to the music

If you love music, it takes pride of place in your life. When was the last time you listened to your favorite songs? Saline this weekend and create your own playlist of the coolest songs. Favorite music will be able to cope with sadness and grief. So many memories, so many thoughts into this song…

9. Appreciate your time

In December and after it begins an endless number of holidays and parties. If you have enough energy, time and money, you have to have it all. If you have a session and in General you don’t really want to celebrate a party with almost honorary unfamiliar to you, then don’t torture yourself.

You have to rely solely on their desires. You don’t have to go where you were invited. Maybe you just don’t want or a friend had promised unforgettable sex with the experiments, in this case, you definitely will understand.

10. Help other

Maybe you’re the long lost feeling when you need someone, when someone is waiting for your care and support? In that case, why don’t you help the needy? Be sure that in the New year’s eve mass shopping centers will be to declare actions like «Become Santa Claus for children – to fulfill a wish and give a gift.»

Why don’t you participate? Listen, and you have a bunch of books that I have not read, and also do not collect your library, maybe it’s time to place an ad and give them a gift? Believe me, doing good is very important, you will charge a good mood for the whole day.

Received the award? Buy a couple of bags of feed for the local shelter with homeless animals. If you say that I don’t like people, then this option is definitely for you. Bring a friend, maybe in the kennel you buy a puppy.

See that winter is not so bad. You can help not only themselves, but the fact that they too easy this winter.

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