You have to realize after graduation

manygoodtips.com_14.05.2014_YAeFvtGe3i5NWApproaching graduation once graduates happy that I finally got a higher education. Naive! They believe that after the ceremony life will remain the same beautiful, simple and cheerful, which was for the University Desk. Life in the real world it is a quintessential University experience after work they will meet with friends for drinks at a local bar, and in the morning again to go to my paying job, which they do not have to do anything.

Spoiler alert. When you fall into the arms of adulthood, she suddenly cease to be good, simple and fun. Have to send a resume and pay for light and water. On interviews it is necessary to answer your strengths and weaknesses and where you see yourself in five years. Life is one big endless and the final exam.

Universities give us a lot of unnecessary knowledge. Instead, we will put you in the head helpful tips that recommend not to forget.

1. Your diploma is just an expensive piece of paper

In the interview, no one even wants to see it. You might ask where you studied and when you graduated. Instead of spending time on obtaining excellent marks, better learn what is useful to you. For example, think about how you will answer the question «Why do you want to work for us?» and what do you write in the «Experience».

2. Immediately nobody will give a six-figure salary — be happy and a five digit

Newly graduate is being filled with illusions. First we all consider ourselves to be present to employers and expect that they will tear us to pieces. Then it turns out that you offer no more than 20,000 — and this is the best. Here’s a tip: prepare enough to obtain and work in low positions. There is nothing pleasant, but most importantly, it’s work.

3. No one cares about your straight a’s

Remember these valuable learning skills — the ability to stretch the course of 50 pages of pure information when you have only eight? If you don’t read, you Google on the exam and came out unscathed with five in the record book. What now? Neither the boss or colleagues are not interested in your tricks. In the real world it’s much easier: you did the work or not. Sooner or later have to learn that lesson.

4. Maybe you don’t like your first job

Out of ignorance or despair you might be in a company where workers are not valued and treated like garbage. Work in such places does not provide pleasure. Some bosses climb out of the skin to give you a feel for how you’re worthless and incompetent. The main thing to remember is that you’ll always hate your job, so you stay until you find something better.

5. Surprise! You know little — almost nothing. Deal with it

You’re an expert in English literature of the eighteenth century? And who needs it? The real world will teach you lessons at work — not in high school, the school could you learn the same. Accept that you know nothing, and you will be much easier.

6. Cleaning products aren’t gonna buy themselves

Not clean without your involvement the tub, no toilet, no kitchen. If you want to have beautiful things, be prepared to care for them. Or hire someone to care for them, because the mud is disgusting.

7. Your dream will not fall on your head — will have to work hard

To sit and wait for the dream job, fall on your head? Good luck. The inhabitants of the real world know that if they want something, they need to aspire to. Make a dream come true.

8. Nobody is interested in your specialty

In 50 years you’re on the fingers of one hand can count those who will ask you about your specialty. Well, if you like, but, unfortunately, in most cases it doesn’t matter.

9. Your parents know more than you

Remember when you were a teenager, and the parents did everything to ruin your life, because I didn’t know what it’s like to be young, wild and free? You will quickly realize that parents know much more than you pay attention to it and use that knowledge.

10. You have a shitty summary

Any employer not interested in your interests, even if it says «Cycling» and «read». No one cares that you worked as a lifeguard at the beach during the summer season. If you have no experience in the field, let your favor says at least cover letter. Your resume should reflect your skills, not a stamp collection.

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