You have to pay for her date?


Oh, man, fertile ground for good discussion, right? With the advent of feminism and on the equal rights we don’t know what to do on a first date. To pay for the girl or not to pay? And if you pay, she accidentally offended? In our area this is rare! Girls prefer to have on a first date paid for them. And I’ll tell you with confidence that it is not because they are prostitutes, but because in Russia still there is a tradition, its so easy from the heads of the Russians to pull out. Dudes who want to date each paid for himself, then wonder why the girl doesn’t want to see them. On the one hand, they forget that we live in a traditionally Patriarchal country (dudes think that if some women years ago fought for the right to vote and to go to work, this means that latte and piece of cake can hurt a girl). On the other, they again forget that girl, we decided to take care of. Though there is the other extreme: some bro deliberately do not pay for the girl on the first date, ostensibly in an attempt to show the world that you don’t want to chat with a lady who is given over cheesecake with coffee.

Actually, you guys who absolutely do not want to pay for a girl on the first and subsequent visits, know: a chance to insult the dignity of girls that pay for it, is extremely small. Also, I think you know that the chance to meet a girl who will give you for the cake, the same is immaterial as the fact that she will be offended: feminists, we are not so much. We just want to get a girl by spending as little as possible resources. I’m exaggerating, but still.

By the way, who told you that the date is directly given? Remember what happens in nature. The male has the attention of the females and she decides how cool it is to be a father, a good father and whether or not spending time with him on. A date is when two people looking at each other to decide if they want each other to sleep, to meet and then live together for many years.

With paying for girls there are some serious problems. The most common: you try too hard. You know, some bro’s believe that if she goes with them on a date (it is usually different from meetings in the spirit of «let’s go eat pizza, and then, perhaps, I will give»), it means that the girl to it has no location and I must win her with roses and chocolates. If a girl goes on a date with you, with 90 percent likely she feels for you sympathy. The remaining 10 — of friend zone and «nothing is».

We call the girl very often, too often invite to dinner, give too many gifts, although half of the total would be enough with the head. One of my friends literally every day was the name of the girl somewhere, got her gifts, funny toys, candy in large quantities. I don’t even know how she managed them all there! When you want to give a girl more chocolate, remember that girls usually watching my diet, chocolate is high in calories, girls are crazy about him and can hardly refuse.

We forget that girls are not creatures from another planet, and the same people to like it. Or not like. And there is nothing complicated. We look at bad examples for their friends, tradition, culture, etc., and this the experience of others prevents us decently. Want to know how to get this woman? Change your attitude to it and to Dating in General, it works!

Why did you have to pay for it on a date

Remember the example from the life of animals. Tell me who you like best: a girl who is 180 cm tall, short hair, crew cut with broad shoulders and big biceps or a tiny girl height 160-165 with long hair and chiseled figure? In women, we appreciate femininity in women, we appreciate masculinity with all its attributes: responsibility, beard, strong body and the ability to show her that now she was not alone and there is someone who is willing to be there for her.

And now back to our sheep and accounts. You asked a girl to go out with you, and nothing changes even when she doesn’t say 10 times a day that this «date». You come in a cafe/restaurant, spend time together, and when the check comes, you pay only for your food. For most girls this is an unpleasant surprise. You know why? You invited a girl on a date, you gave her your society and the need to pay the bills is the same as to go to the store to collect a lot of junk food and not pay. You need to pay, be prepared that eventually you invited her to dinner.

A bro I thought so, «I asked her on a date, she came, it’s done!» But this is only one of the few ways to attract a woman. For a first date hike somewhere where you can talk in a quiet environment and where the heat is a great idea, but that you had been invited there, why not show a bit of what women appreciate men, namely concerns?

No need to think that women are materialistic, women appreciate the attention. No need to ply them with gifts and drive to restaurants: she’ll think you want to buy, so the ratio will be appropriate, so don’t be surprised. If you think that all women are prostitutes, it is because you have met only prostitutes, or you can’t see a normal, which in this world is enough.

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