You have the opportunity for career growth?

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Feel that your career has stalled? When was the last time you received a promotion or raise? For a long time, or not? To get promoted, to become the indispensable man. How to become such an employee and whether you have the opportunity for career growth? Look around: the guys are employees who have bosses asking for advice which is given a hard, laborious and responsible work. Therefore, they can safely ask for a raise or salary increase or payment of the award, referring to the successfully completed work.

To become the kind of employee who doesn’t need to be very witty or charismatic. You have only the experience of successful execution of hard work and a little initiative.

As to the prospect of career growth

Be prepared for additional work. Always, when there is an opportunity to take on some extra work, do it and do it well. Your boss will notice this and you will be able to gain his trust. Famous British Admiral Horatio Nelson used this principle in order to make a successful career in the Navy. Admiral Nelson always happy to take extra work and did it well. He soon earned a reputation as an indispensable employee for all courts, which he prepared and staffed. Ultimately he was rewarded for his work by being appointed captain of your own ship at the age of only 23 years. Nelson continued to take overtime, until he became head of the British Navy, he created for himself career prospects.

Of course, you have to work more, but it definitely helps to further your career. You will face the need to sacrifice their free time.

Communicate with colleagues as much as possible. Set a goal to talk to at least ten colleagues in the course of the day. If you want to become indispensable, then the people around should at least know about your existence. Colleagues will not be able to find you if you the whole day you sit your office. Plan a few breaks during the working day, during which you will be able to talk to colleagues. Not to tear off them from work, find out when they are free and come at this time. For example, a great time to talk with colleagues for lunch. It can be a conversation on most General topics: work, family, sports, etc. the Essence of this communication with colleagues – to arouse interest in his person, so that people can learn more about you.

Get a blog dedicated to the industry in which you work. A blog is a great way to Express themselves on service. Make a plan for professional growth and describe their actions in the way of its execution. Subscribe to the newsletter, relating to the scope of your work, and regularly receive them. Comment on the news. This activity will demonstrate to colleagues and boss two things:

1. You have been informed. And knowledgeable employees — is a great asset to the company.

2. You reflect on the challenges facing the industry. Comments will show your boss that you take initiative in analyzing problems that affect the activities of your company. It always looks solid and convincing.

To start and configure a blog using a free platform.

The organizing committees of the company. Your firm probably has many different committees that deal with various organizational issues and community work. Participate in the activities of at least one Committee, even if he merely engaged in the planning and preparation of corporate picnics. The work of the Committee is a great opportunity to demonstrate leadership qualities and skills, as well as a chance to meet people and make useful connections. When the boss will see that you were able to arrange a wonderful picnic, he’ll think the same way wonderful you will be able to cope with his Department.

Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. This is an important principle that you must always remember. You read helpful tips on how to move up the career ladder, and now right now choose the one that you can implement immediately. For example, start to set up your blog, enter into the composition of any Committee, invite a colleague to lunch or offer their services for overtime work. Starting with a small additional work, you’ll be able to become truly indispensable.

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