You gotta give her the worst date ever

manygoodtips.com_14.04.2014_QzPLttC0Ck7yRFirst date will remember her for a long time. Only depends on you, what will you be for her: the best or worst guy in her life. Then let’s play out the worst case scenario to understand what to do in any case impossible.

1. Nothing decide

I think she would like to sit in an Italian restaurant? What arrogance! Why offer jobs? Well, you could disappoint! Better to talk about anything for hours and not to take the initiative. Let her decide everything. We have equality.

2. Try her food

The long-awaited opportunity to repeat the kissing scene from the disney cartoon «Lady and the tramp». Remember the dog-lady and a stray dog ate the garland of sausages from different sides? It’s so romantic! After tasting her food, you will reduce the distance between you. Will like a couple who have been married for twenty years.

3. More aperitif

The best way to a woman’s heart is through the expansion of your liver. Feel shy? Nervous? Drink a few drinks before you bring the main dish. Immediately become like man.

4. Tell her about your illness

Not Malcheva! In November you had grown fingernail? Well, there’s nothing like this theme! How were you treated? What doctors did you go? If possible, always show well healed place. She needs to know that chooses a healthy male.

5. Touch her butt!

To make sure that it’s worth your effort. Suddenly, the flat butt? Why waste time on a very skinny girl? You had lunch, talked for you now there is no concept of personal space. Let him know that you’re not timid and takes her!

6. Put «Crocs»

Plastic sandals-hooves incredible forms, tedious and meaningless. Some believe that «Crocs» are too ugly to wear in public. Do not believe those inexperienced people, in fact, «Crocs» is FASHION! They are expensive, their design was developed by professionals — they can not look bad! Put them on the first date, and you will definitely get.

7. Send her more SMS

Before, after and during the meeting: suddenly to go to the toilet. Love has no boundaries! Send her a cute «Miss you», when you stand in the toilet with his free hand. Guaranteed to work!

8. She says

She needs neither your emotions nor feedback with you. Just listen and absorb. In this conversation, you’ll play the role of therapist. You have to be objective, you don’t have to evaluate her words, to Express their opinions and to take the initiative. She says, and you nod your head and look at her with an encouraging smile.

9. Talk about money

If you don’t, you look reckless. You need to plan for the future, and any plans require financial investment. You will save yourself time if you just ask how old she gets and in what conditions he lives. Can and account at the same time divide that was true.

10. Any liberal over time

On time and warns at the last moment, and then be late more promised. Just let them know you’re a busy man, and you have a lot to do. Can interrupt a date at an unexpected moment and say that you need to go. Any mysterious and important. The woman needs to intrigue: no interest on her part, nothing will happen. And don’t apologize, otherwise she’ll think you’re a pushover, and you will be pushed around.

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