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manygoodtips.com_29.09.2014_xzNf0aRSzaZbYToday, we’ll send you to the Russian bath. Long time to warm up properly your bones, to expel disease, to cleanse your body from dirt and stuff, and at the same time to relax. And if you have never been there, here’s some useful tips. And even if there was, all of a sudden you did it all wrong. Learn while with you.

The wrong approach

In life, you can hear many different stories about the campaigns in the bath. For example, «good warm up, beer was the sea and the girls enough for all,» or «yesterday I was in the bath and in the morning, very bad headache and I don’t remember», or something like that. This is the wrong approach. Of course, you can go to the bath with his girlfriend (someone’s got brooms whip), but not to learn her new position in the karma Sutra, and for the other, less pleasant lessons soared.


Bath is a wonderful tool for relaxation, boost immunity and treat certain diseases, and also cleanse the body (for those who suffer with pimples – note). The fact is that steam and moisture drips grease from the surface of the skin, exposing the pores, cleansing them. The heat acts sogrevaya joints, relieving inflammation. Vessels that are responsible for memory, and the potency, get more resources and gain. Finally, the nervous system will say thank you — to relax the muscles of the whole body. Coming out of the bath, you will feel lightness and surge of good mood.

It’s all in the brooms and a pair

Without special broom for sauna in there and not to go. What to do with a broom? To begin to choose. The broom may be the classic oak, birch. Broom of lime is also good, but less hardy. Lipa is an excellent choice for those who prefer soft brooms. Also use brooms of cherries or currants: if you ever mess up they give great flavors. They are soft when hovering, but very short-lived. Brooms need to stroke, pohlestyvanie, Postiguet — all these movements are a substitute for a real massage. Through such action stimulates the blood circulation, there is a massive sweating and the body is charged with energy. You do not need to thrash a broom as a sword of the Jedi, the movement should be smooth, soft, and he barely touch the body, only to pump hot air. Periodically cool the body with cool water — this will help to train the blood vessels.

How hard to swing the broom, you can define, to know what the temperature in the steam room. If high, then they need to work carefully and not much waving, and conversely, if low, need to work hard. Usually the process begins with the simple stroking all over my body from toe to the crown, to get the body warmed up. Then rubbing: in one hand is the handle of the broom in the other sheets that are pressed to the body, begin to RUB. It should try to more deeply inhale the aroma coming from them. It is considered the best ventilation.

Don’t forget «give away» steam, pouring water on a special stone. When the body starts to sweat — a sign separating it from the unnecessary and harmful substances. The sweat is better not to wipe and remove the special scrapers or pour cool water to it is not re-absorbed into the skin.


In order to enhance the sweating you need to drink a lot of liquid, but in any case not alcoholic beverages, because you will not improve your health, but rather worsen it. You need to use in a large number of hot tea, juice, brew or drinking water.

Time in the bath

Remember one simple thing: your body knows no shame and strongly signals to you when experiencing discomfort. So don’t be afraid to spend 5 minutes in the steam room. On average, 2 hours in the bath can not be carried out in the steam room for over 35 minutes. Otherwise, the vessels will begin to experience stress, but harm, you get nothing.

A few more tips

  • It is recommended to dry in the soap compartment without the help of towels. Thus you will not damage the skin.
  • It is necessary to cool gradually, then the vessels will be trained.
  • Wear special protective cap made only of natural materials (you can periodically moisten for a more comfortable stay). It protects the head from overheating and maintains a stable temperature.
  • Take off your bracelets, watches, chains and other metal accessories, otherwise you risk to burn.
  • Add a few drops of essential oil into the water, where you plan to «give away» pairs. For example, eucalyptus to cure a cold and lemongrass calms the nervous system.
  • It is not necessary to pour beer on the rocks, unless it’s personally brewed beer and you know what it ingredients. The fact is that breathing the burnt beer with preservatives is much more harmful than to smoke a half a pack of cigarettes at a time.
  • Sex in the bath dangerous. High temperature is stressful for the body, but has a healing effect on many organs. Keep in mind that the heart now is experiencing considerable stress, sex also increases the number of beats from 70 to 120, and in some cases to 140. Take care of your heart, it ought to last for many years.
  • You cannot go to the bath with a full stomach, or, conversely, on an empty stomach.
  • Some steam is contraindicated due to health problems (ask your doctor if you’re a frequent visitor to the hospital if you’re sweating).
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