You cum and she doesn’t.

how to make her orgasm

You’ve reached the orgasm and relaxed, but before to sleep you have work to do. She expects you to help her the same service. As if you didn’t want to fall asleep and how could you not tired, no time for selfishness.

How to please her and not to beat yourself up? Simple enough. We’re going to give you five useful tips.

1. Use your mouth and fingers

If you choose this path, it will stimulate both G-spot and clitoris is a reasonable solution. A good way to bring her to orgasm when you’re ready. If you will choose the right rhythm, remain not long at all until she yelled with delight. It is, incidentally, should not be so far removed from this cherished moment, if you before did everything right. Give her only 3-5 minutes.

If you guys use condoms, you will have to feel the taste of latex, but here I will advise is simply to choose the brand of your rubber guys. For example, do condoms made of polyurethane, and I even know what they are, but to advertise, I’m sorry, I’m not.

Too lazy to start oral sex? Use the fingers. They, too, should be enough.

2. Toys to the rescue

A Dildo or vibrator is also a good thing when you are already exhausted. If you are in a stable relationship, is always a good idea to keep the vibrator near the bed, literally at arm’s length, if necessary, before it could reach it in a matter of seconds. A vibrator is necessary to make a circular motion on the clitoris, and when you hear a moan of pleasure, just keep repeating what you just did.

Another toy that will save you, it’s a cock ring. Such a device will help you to stay longer workable. Perhaps you don’t really see or feel something, but it’s all about her.

3. Your genitals

So, why do not all you remember about it, but after orgasm erection subsides for a few minutes. Dedicate those precious minutes.

After his orgasm, wait literally 30 seconds to your PAL has ceased to be too sensitive to the slightest touch. Now change the condom, spread your legs, get on top and again took up the matter. Now she’s controlling you. If she’s gonna cum, keep going until it’s done. If you still can even start, it is likely that now, just starting the second round. If not, just try until it becomes clear that the second erection is useless to wait.

4. Watch porn

If you need a little time to get back in shape, play with each other while watching porn, and then sex. This is another good option.

To avoid awkward moments, the film is ready in advance, but so that she did not know. So you don’t have to get up to go to another room or just something painful to look in the bins of your hard drive. It’ll ruin the mood.

By the way, on the cable enough erotic channels so you actually may need only to turn on the TV. While watching, do not waste time. The correct choice of the movie — is already half the battle.

5. Convince her to do it yourself

If you’re inclined to think that she might offer herself to finish the job while you watch. This is a great way to not only enjoy a wonderful spectacle, but probably after some time to join her.

Why is it important

Look fact in the face: if you’re not satisfied, it will not go unpunished. One day she will do the same to you. No matter how you’re tired and exhausted, it is always nice when a woman. It makes us proud of ourselves and feel men.

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