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Hello, dear I am with you for several years, I would like to say thank you for the really useful article, in my view, your online magazine best in category «for men», it’s alive, or something. And I finally decided to ask my question.

We often see online, in the lives of different advice on how to build your business as not to burn, etc. But, honestly, never met a real and useful tips on how to start from scratch. Some people do literally anything to make money. Believing in your experience and professional approach, I would like to hear your version of how to start making money, with little or nothing. A very small business or something like that. Thank you!

The answer

Thank you for your kind words — we love them to, because, in many respects, this keeps our enthusiasm. I’ll try to briefly, but to answer you question, so I’ll get straight to the point, not to waste time.

Most of the tips for business that you can find on the Internet is replica of all sorts of business manuals, business books, and the Western model. Of course, often publish «General definitions», because all sorts of details to read for people not so interesting. The bulk of our carefree society wants to give her a kick and said, «You can do anything! Go and do your job well!». But when the hands reach to it, inspired by those same citizens can not for him to take, gives rise to the most absurd mistakes in a vacuum. Give all these tips are those who never had Affairs with business. To be honest, I’ll tell you the truth — I have no business and even I, at this point, not going to do. However, I have to say among my friends plenty of people who this business has, in the past, something similar was engaged. And that’s what I understood for myself.

Business is very individual, something comparable with the works (but only partly). Entrepreneurship does not provide any clear diagrams, detailed guidance, which will help you to reach the top. All business books are, as a rule, sharpened by motivation, is only a small part of them really helps to solve any problems. To read them, but to replace in their own mind — never.

Even in a small business you have to solve many problems that you weren’t ready: starting from a consideration of Internet companies and ending with the etching of cockroaches.If a businessman earns, he knows how to count money. For example, my friend who now opened a cafe in the city centre, where rent costs a fortune recently dealt with the wi-fi connection. Standard Internet package for legal entities were worth significant money, but compared to the rent — a trifle a trifle. But he still went to all Internet service providers available in the market to find the cheapest and most convenient option (to help share). It took him a few days, but it saved money, which I’m sure he will invest in something useful. For comparison, I had another friend who went bankrupt for the first six months as your entire budget spent in the first months of existence of the business (it was a small hotel), and all because he wanted only the best and expensive, not looking for the best deals of furniture, attendants and the like. What does all this mean? That businessman, in addition, must have specific knowledge in Finance, management, management, needs to be a reasonable person, guided by logic, uses a rational approach understands the value of a thing. You can’t teach on courses is learned in life, well, or through books, sometimes even artistic, because each book gives you a life script, which you can take into consideration. If you do not read books, then you have only one script — the man in the street, whom fate leads to the abyss. If you read books, you have a choice (so, stripped the idea of Professor Zharinova, but it has pleased me).

And now about «money from nothing». It is an illusion. No money out of nothing. You must forget about time, which also costs money, about the value of intangible assets and more. You can start from scratch, no doubt. But this does not mean that you can start from scratch, not having behind at least some of the slightest experience.

For example, there is a kind of business which requires zero rubles, zero kopeks. The name of this form of business organization of concert activity. In other words, you represent a person who conducts concerts, festivals, exhibitions, film screenings and has a percentage rental or enter. But unless you can hold a good event, if he don’t know crap about music and the concert business? In this case, reputation is not an empty word: ill-spent once spent bad the second time, and third, no one will come. And, of course, will have to start with terrible waste, both in terms of venues and in terms of musical collectives (rental sites worth the money, you know). And then, even this kind of business requires investment: money for beer group, various trips, the money for the tickets and stuff. We believe that the budget should still be.Catering things are not better. If you think that in order to access a trivial point for the sale of Shawarma, you don’t need money, you’re wrong. A couple of months ago I estimated the costs of a «big project» and we have about 400-500 thousand rubles. If you work «in the dark», the relatively cheap entry into the business of selling clothes from China. Moreover, if the Chinese clothing is not so bad, just prices from vendors, even for quality goods in China is much lower than in Europe. To open such a store, you according to the laws of the modern world, you need to master the terrible Instagram (where sales of clothing, for example, does better than other social networks) and, of course, it helps to have a girl model, who will pay to fill your photo page. But even in this case, you need a budget, knowledge, understanding logistics and of course, a sense of style.

In conclusion, I want you to recommend some of our articles. First of all, read the text on grants . Grants is an opportunity to start your own business at the expense of the state or of any Fund. The topic of work, even in Russia. Secondly, pay attention to the stuff about the «easy money». In it you will learn a few suitable options that will help you to gather initial capital for their startup.

Good luck in your endeavors.

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