You can go to investigate: determine if we can trust her

Work.kom.ua_25.04.2014_7MPDu0VaDXGhsAll good relationships are built on trust. There is a trust there and relationship. No trust relationship quickly come to an end. Of course, you can live for many years under the same roof as a cat with a dog, to many such a life, full of quarrels and questionable adventures with breaking the dishes, seems interesting and rich, but enough mental strength to live so long?

Love can indeed seem like a mental disorder, especially those who are not able to love for a strong innate selfishness. This feeling makes us strive to give of yourself to another person, becoming vulnerable. To stand before the dear woman naked and helpless don’t feel it’s a good idea. Why are we sure that every woman wants to put us knife in the back and run off with a male who is higher in some virtual hierarchy. But this is nonsense.

If you don’t trust the person that lives beside you, the warmth of your relations you can not see. But not every girl is worthy of trust, as well as any man. But don’t worry: we’ll help you figure out whether to trust her. But remember that life is random, so full of confidence, boundless as the view from the Ostankino television tower, — a thing senseless.

1. Do you know this man, at least more than a year

Preferably, two to insure. You can trust, and you need someone you know for a long time. Often our idea of man is either an idealization or speculation. In order to know someone, he would need to study the habits. You might think that this woman is special, that the duration of your relationship is irrelevant because you already know all about it. Such a friend you can tell everything, everything, anything, and she will understand. But this is a huge mistake. From torrent sincere confessions girl can be a little crazy. Make sure you know exactly who she is and how she is different from your idealized representations.

2. She lied to you?

A lie is not a thing to forgive people. As they say in the West, once fooled — they are bad, twice you’re a fool. Under certain circumstances, to forgive the lie, you can, but do not abuse it — sit on the neck. If the girl was honest with you, she’s your client. Do not forget, of course, that the concealment of facts and lies — after all, two different things.

3. Care

One of the main qualities the right girls take care of you. Women are by nature caring, and even if a person is very precious to them, take care of it turns out somehow by itself.

If she’s with you only when her something from you or when you’re the source of any concerns, initiatives and affection, — all disgusting. A one-sided game is not worthy of trust.

4. She always respected you and treated you special

If she publicly humiliates your abilities, treat you without respect and without high heat, taunts you, don’t expect the situation will ever change. Why do you think she can change? As a rule, relationships start with a special tender to each other location. In the beginning of the relationship when the personal interest you have for it, if not the best person in the world, it sure is different. If this man doesn’t respect you, how can we talk about the successful beginning of a relationship? Is that person you have in the best traditions of snotty comedies to give his heart away? Your partner should be your partner, not the owner and the user. Break this agreement!

5. It will be there when you need it

To provide a reliable rear, reverent attitude, care, affection and a delicious dinner. Something like that. If you’re bad, girl, trust worthy, be there not because she has to, but because otherwise she can’t. It immediately felt. Debt from the desire to distinguish at least by the expression on his face.

A lot of people constantly tell us that will come in a difficult situation, just holler. But it is a huge illusion: most of the fuses when an innocent event. Person we can trust will not leave us. It will be exactly faithful squire: I will not leave you alone when you are stranded, will give you a nice motivational kick and consolation in a difficult situation. With a girl and the intelligence to go — will not fail.

6. It is possible to endure all the inconveniences

Unfortunately, popular wisdom «With sweet heaven in a tent» Oh, how works not always. A lot of girls I’m sure if «honey» brought my life to having to move into a tent, he’s not the person they needed. There are those, who suffer inconvenience from time to time, and then break down and go. It seems to us that to blame them for it’s not worth it — not every person can withstand the test of poverty and destitution, but one that suffers with you a long time and inconvenience, deserves respect. Of course, if you’re not going to fall into the abyss of laziness and live at her expense. Such an act is hardly pretentious to baptize men.

Another definition of inconvenience — «comfort zone». Girls do not like to leave them, like us, there are gender differences not and can not be. If she’s seriously willing to change your habits, certain character traits and to sacrifice their comfort for the sake of your relationship, trust it can safely. Most importantly, you were willing to do the same.

7. You feel like you can trust her your secrets

If you think you can tell her some of its secrets, without feeling like passing crazy macaque suitcase with a big red button, this is a good sign. Usually you feel a kinship with the right woman, it is possible to compare only with solid confidence that she’ll catch you if you fall. Figuratively speaking. It is unlikely you will keep.

8. Anybody can trust

Everything seems to be fine, but trust why are not there. The problem is definitely you, dude. There is nothing wrong to trust people. Fear and teenage enthusiasm! If you keep your nose clean, you can always see problems in relationships and signs of poor person. Cute beautiful girl with no guys are into an angry shrew! Most likely, she’s already flashed the traits of a hypocritical bitch, you just didn’t notice.

In trust there is nothing wrong! What you reveal to her will not make you less a man and more vulnerable. First, you trust the girl and then confess his love for her — that’s the right approach.

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