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manygoodtips.com_15.08.2014_JdsD23aZt35YpNot so long ago, Yota Devices has issued a new trademark YotaStone. This is the latest multi-function media device with which you will be able to read electronic books, listen to your favorite music, watch videos, store photos and movies. A new gadget capable of performing the function of a modem, a media player and camera. In addition, you will be able to distribute Internet traffic, as YotaStone has a powerful Wi-Fi router.


If you’re obsessed with your safety, and you cold in the gut every time you walk out the door and frantically remember, you turned off the iron — that this gadget will be an indispensable boon. You can bother and put in his apartment, the smoke detectors or video cameras and configure them for data transmission in the media center YotaSton. And that, in turn, will transmit the event notifications associated with these objects to your smartphone. Moreover, YotaSton will be able to control your home appliances from air conditioners and washing machines to irons and electric razors.


However, despite the powerful functionality of this gadget, its prospects in the Russian market do not cause violent delight from the average consumer. Judging from the announcement, the media center YotaStone will be calculated solely on the premium segment and the price of the device can be up to 500 euros, and for the money, you can hire a small Symphony orchestra, and arrange your media center, with blackjack and photographer.

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