Yo-Ho-Ho and a bottle of rum, or how to find the treasure island atmosphere of the bar


Rum here began making in the 30-ies of the XVII century. In 1670 the English Admiral Penn rescued Jamaica from the Spaniards. He is first introduced in the British Navy tradition, according to which every sailor received half a pint of rum a day. Later, in 1740, Admiral Vernon ordered the daily sailor divided portion into two parts and dilute with water every. Admiral Vernon wore a cloak of thick cloth—goguma, for which he received the Navy nicknamed “Old Grog“. Since then, popular among the people, a mixture of rum and water called grog. The daily rum ration in the British Navy was abolished only in 1969.

It was on Jamaica, Savannah, finished his earthly journey the unforgettable captain flint, a real historical character, later so masterfully displayed by Robert Lewis Stevenson in «treasure Island». According to Stevenson flint died, demanding rum and bawling a song about dead man’s chest.


Treasure: Appleton 12 Year Old

Gorgeous mix of dark varieties of rum, which is famous for Jamaica. 12 years is the age of the youngest rum of the members of the mixture. The fortress 43%.


The birthplace of rum. Here in the early XVII century for the first time guessed to leave to ferment and then overtake waste from the production of sugar from cane. The first name Roma — «Barbados water». The word «rum» came later. It comes from rumbol-lion, which is one of the English dialects means a fight, or just noise. According to another version, the word «rum» derives from the Latin saccharum— sugar cane.


Treasure: Extra Old Mount Gray

The best of the worthy family of Mount Gray Rums, aged in oak barrels. Has a wonderful taste and aroma.


Once a year the streets of old Cartagena touring the painted buses with the musicians. The whole town from small to large drink rum to the merriment. This action is called «Rumba» is a celebration of rum (not to be confused with dance, invented a food laboheme in the 40-ies of our century).


Treasure: Crapiche

In Colombia, traditional spirits, it is difficult to compete with alternative ways of getting high (the world’s cheapest cocaine). Since, this brand remains popular among the local population, so the rum is really decent.

Puerto Rico

An integral part of the culture of drinking rum in the Caribbean is liming. So in the XVIII century English sailors called a relaxed vacation on the beach. Gradually the word has taken root even in the Spanish-and French-speaking parts of the colonies. To do liminga— so slowly to drink rum and do nothing. All who had the opportunity to visit the Caribbean probably pay attention to people who are in condition or not, whether a NAP. Liming is a kind of Siesta, which, thanks to rum and favourable climate, it lasts from morning to night, 365 days a year.


Treasure: Ron Matusalem

In fact, Matusalem for centuries was considered a Cuban brand, but after the proclamation of Cuba the Island of Freedom of American citizens, the rum became unavailable, so they have established production on its territory. Experts say that it turns out even better than the original. Probably the burning desire to spite Castro.

United States

During the heyday of the slave trade from the ports of New England to the coast of Africa the ships went out with the fuzz of rum. Rum was exchanged for black slaves, slaves were transported to the island of Ka-Rimskogo the pool to work on sugar cane plantations, the resulting sugar and molasses were transported to New England is historically famous «rum triangle.»

In the 20-ies of XX century, in the period of «prohibition», at U.S. shores again there was a lot of ships loaded with rum. Basically, the ships appeared at night and avoided meetings with the coast guard. Smugglers of alcohol in America was called «rumrunners», that is «removable».


Treasure: Barrow’s

A very decent brand, although, of course, the rum produced in the continental United States, significantly inferior rum from Puerto Rico or the virgin Islands, which, by the way, are considered American territory.


Its contribution to the emergence of the Roma did Christopher Columbus. Although he himself to drink rum had, but during his second expedition he brought to the West Indies seedlings of cane, together with experts on growing. It was a brilliant idea. Cane caught on the island much better than in Europe, where, by the way, in turn, brought the Arabs. Cultivation and processing of sugar cane still form the backbone of the economy of many Caribbean countries, and cocktails— the assortment of most bars in the world. Thank You Columbus!


Treasure: Barbancourt

Drink it: in a glass of rum, add ice and a small amount of water, then be sure to give the drink a little «breathe» to magic away all the unnecessary substances, and then leisurely enjoy a rich and intense flavor.


The life of American writer Ernest Hemingway demonstrates a beneficial effect of Cuban rum in General, and cocktail Daiquiri in particular on creativity.

Fidel Castro for decades generously treated his rum the entire Soviet people. In all stores, from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka, 4 rubles per half liter, just 38 cents more expensive than their vodka. It is not forgotten.


Treasure: of Course, Havana Club

As they say, familiar from childhood taste.

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