Yet not forgotten old: in defense of paper books

Yet not forgotten old: in defense of paper books

When you are inside a situation often do not notice its absurdity, is to look the part – and soon realize the idiocy of what is happening. Perfect example – the reading, why it became a problem. The society saw its members on the whole have less to read. Everywhere now refers to the need to read about how it is important to develop the habit of reading and to teach reading to their children. Each edition has its own version required for each adult minimum literature (we are no exception), and it is intended not only to awaken the curiosity, but to guide inexperienced readers raging and not always pure literary stream.

And if you assess the situation? It’s complete insanity is to open people’s eyes to the fact that they need to read! Why don’t we talk about what we need to eat or wash? But it is also necessary! In difficult times of serfdom could read, not all of the question about the necessity of reading was not conducted: the peasants worked around the clock, and the nobles were read avidly, without any reminders. After the revolution, the literacy campaign has helped everyone and now only a single unhappy people do not know how to put the letters in the word. The idea that we need to read, so obvious that explaining such simple things feel like a fool. Even to read not what you need. It’s natural.

So, e-book. The perfect device for reading man. It allows without, to get acquainted with any literature. This, incidentally, also awakens interest in reading. E-reader is necessary and important, however they can entirely replace paper books? Will be sentimental and will offer a few reasons not to completely abandon the cosy paper books.

1. Poetry

Reading poetry in the reader uncomfortable and less pleasant than on paper. First, have much more flipping. Second, it’s not that kind of literature, to perceive it in electronic form. Often, the perception of poetry is important layout (the same «ladder» of Mayakovsky) – with this e-book cope not always.

2. The book is the way

When you read, it’s nice to follow your progress: how the bookmark is moved gradually from the beginning to the end. Take up a book and immediately know what is the distance overcome. Surface reason, but nevertheless. The ebook you’re always on the same page.

3. Paper books are different

Different font, cover art, illustrations, even the age and the different. Some books I remember as I first read them: the color, the texture on the flyleaf. Associative thinking is strong, it often helps us to remember the details of the content or conceptual twist. In the e-book you see always the same book, the same layout.

4. Second-hand shops

They are incredible! There reigns a special unique atmosphere of serenity. A used bookstore is an island of preserved past, a journey through different decades, it is, after all, a cozy place! I was recently in his hometown and met a wonderful used bookstore, where it was quiet, clean, organized library, and there were chairs, tables, Wi-Fi and coffee with scones! It’s a culture, man!

5. Illustration

Maybe this fashion trend (and may be fashionable in certain circles), but the fact remains: people began to pay more attention to the illustrations in the books. It turns out that there are so many talented illustrators! Have no idea how I never noticed it before. Looking at the pictures is not necessarily child labor. Illustration never harm the book. Only e-book harms their absence.

6. Home library

This argument is a hidden recursion. When you buy the book, then create their own home library. When you have a library, it inspires you to read and… maybe again to buy new books. Admit it when you are inviting volume is known and not yet known to you authors, much easier to find a reason to read. You know, we have repeatedly said that you don’t need to clutter up their homes and have a lot of things, but each will find the weak spots. One of my bro – the most natural kapochkin, he has 15 caps, and he recently ordered another one. For me, that weakness is books. Don’t see anything wrong with that!

7. Public library

It will be very sad if they cease to exist. Besides, not all the books are in electronic version and it’s probably even a plus. Remember in his student days, sitting in the library, writing something for a school project, I felt like a nerd. In addition to this subjective feeling, the public library is good because you can always dig up something very interesting and very you need. You can ask advice from the librarian or to rely on computer search engine, the results sometimes better than after thorough browsing online.

8. You can take and give a book to read

We constantly have no time to meet each other, we always find excuses to delay the moment of meeting. Now it will not work! You want to get back your valuable sample? And then, to discuss the read is also interesting. There is a chance that the watchful eye of your friend was not lost something important, that you managed to lose.

9. No annoying bugs in the layout

Maybe it bothers only certain people to which I belong. However, it hurts my eyes when dash is transferred to the beginning of the next line when the transfers are made by the will of God, and the width of the gaps is determined by God knows what. In addition, I remember that I had to read in electronic form, «Blindness» josé Saramago – there were so many punctuation errors that I wanted to throw my reader and sob. With paper books, too, are such incidents, but I assure you, much less.

10. Fun read to close the book

Closing read the book, experiencing a lot more fun than when off the reader. Very subjective, but however, pleasure is something for which sometimes do not mind spending three hundred rubles. Especially if it’s a waste not beer and a book.

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