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Hello, I love your website, lots of useful tips. My question is: I’m young enough a couple of months ago I lost my virginity to a beautiful girl, but I do not have her first, unfortunately, and it is my first. At first everything was perfect, then I began to devour the views, to the point that I was depressed. She is nice, loyal, etc. Can continue indefinitely. She had one guy before me, it’s killing me. It kills me that cannot be the whole life with the man who I’m not the first, and I have I love, I realize that spending time with the wrong person when my age is still enough virgins. Or I just want to try to deprive someone of virginity. I hope you have had a similar problem, help, how to get rid of it?

The answer

Dude, thank you for your review, we really try! And you will try to help, no offense, we used to say to be honest. Sometimes the truth is not so sweet as the lips of your girlfriend. Read once more the title of the article – you know? You are now in the boys ‘ club, so the responsibility and determination – your credit for the next thousand years. Dramatic experiences from the series: «I will not be able to live with it until the end of life,» let the weaker sex.

Something I understand: my first time was with a friend older and, consequently, more experienced than me. But the problem was different: she was worried that soon I will want sex with other girls. I struggled to convince her otherwise, thought it was love forever (I know the feeling, right?). But just after 2 months on the background of the heap of small problems feelings ended and hers. I was able, which is often called depression, and only six months later, was able to «get back in the game». To what I it tell all? Man, on the planet there is a huge amount of girls who crave your love or at least attention. Especially since you’re so young, don’t waste time on crying and pounding on trifles! Better relax and slowly think of how you will ensure the lady in the future.

About what you want to deprive someone of virginity: dude, did you learn to cook? Fresh blood is needed? Usually guys just don’t want to be the girls first in terms of sex. Most often it is done out of great love, when a friend of a very trusted partner (or drunk in my first year, but let’s not go there). In General, it is said, a huge responsibility. And if you still believe that to be her first = to live her life, slept all the melodrama that you’ve ever looked. Even Shakespeare said that virginity is out of fashion. It is a pity that some girls take it too literally and break up with her somewhere between the second and third quarter of the eighth grade. But this is the problem of education, not to digress from the topic.

As for your current lover, man, enjoy the moment. Until you feel that you have a good time together and interestingly, do not try to float his brain. If you suspect a stress in the relationship, talk it over with your girlfriend – nobody can tell about feelings better than she is. In any case, all will come with experience. Read and think about the good man!

Isn’t that still occupy this house, in which lived many, or one in which no one lived? And does it matter, to sail on the ship already sailed a thousand people or where no one was swimming? So still the same, to live with a woman that already knew many, or that no one touched.

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