Yesenin for culture?

Recently, our country was plunged into another share of love and adoration. The object of enthusiastic exclamations became the most rowdy romantic person mother earth wore – Sergei Yesenin. The great poet what to say. Even the lyrics by Igor Nikolaev, not Wade. But seriously, a great poet deserves much more attention. Because he not only showed us what cheerful colors you describe are quite natural things, not only in the years ahead, how to live the «rock star», but managed to convince the last mugger that lyric poetry can be male. Who of us in school, instead of «Dissuaded Golden grove» taught «Moscow tavern»?! Who would not want to seem «Pohanka and brawler», being innocent, like pioneer with the first shift? That’s it. But above all, a great womanizer (as he was novels, and almost all immortalized in verse; what a gift to the lady to perpetuate her name, even if it didn’t deserve) and playboy did his poems are incredibly musical. Who are only the music is not imposed. Only in one of the former Soviet Union a little less than everything. But we will not cite as an example of hope Kadysheva and Oleg mitiaeva.

PS eseninskiy poems of the poet only says Bezrukov. He is out of competition, and all of the following songs can be heard in the inflamed performance has long considered itself their author artist. Honestly, in person it looks so convincing that it becomes incredibly scary. Thoughts about the transmigration of souls don’t leave – it’s so real.

Rash, harmonica

Sometimes you know a girl, try to seem romantic, a promise in her honor to tell it the magical creation of the poet. She’s waiting for «Shagane» and «poet’s Love», and you tell her – «Drink with me, lousy bitch! Drink with me!»

Happy Creek riotous broad Russian soul. The song, sung by all NEP Moscow. If you do not know, I wrote it the main peasant poet, you can take a poem in folklore. What is it about? About women who are very distressed. The author tired to drive relationships with various intellectual, can not withstand the violent temper of the poet, says:

«I would rather here that, sisyastuyu,

It is silly!»

You can listen to performed by Bezrukov (count, Yesenin), so much closer to the original. But no less beautiful version of the group Retuses that we remember more than once, and which, due to the magic handling of the gifts of creativity of Sergei Alexandrovich became famous.


The only thing that justifies the existence of the group «about! the Mongolian Shuudan», a song about «Moscow». No, you guys have a lot of great songs, but who knows? A song about Moscow everyone has heard of. Because organically contain the phrase «I read verses to prostitutes And vagrants fry alcohol» and «my Old house long ago was hunched, my Old dog hanged long ago» in the musical sense one could not. And the vocals of Valeria Started bored-farm households, only emphasizes the mood, when simple Ryazan guy swears his love for «this city elm». This song is like a fine wine this year she is 20 years old. Verses 93. But in our humble opinion, this is a sample of what you can do with poems of the Great. Better had nothing.


Russian poem with such vivid Oriental flavor know, if not all, then each. Yesenin was terribly drawn to the East to study Persian poetry. Still little that can compare with the ancient poetic art of the people. Well, what a voyage «Moscow revelers mischievous» and without affair. Here it was found Shahandukht Nersesova Talyan – a charming girl from Shiraz, a lively interest in literature. Delicate soul of the Russian poet thought that it would be better to save for centuries the short form of the name than unusual Shahandukht. Between them there was sympathy and friendship, anything. Esenina it caused a feeling of deep longing for «Ryazan expanse» and the girl in the North that is very similar to it.

And listen to this song better performed by the aforementioned gang Retuses. In their performance Yesenin left. But «panties» was able to emphasize the sadness of the situation of the poet. And it is doubly valuable. After all, many this poem has been associated primarily with the song than verse, which is doubly valuable.

A letter to the woman

Yeah, the standard is called, «longing still». When Zinaida Reich, former lover, former beloved Yesenin married the famous Director Meyerhold, after some time a former lover has written so sincere «repentance» letter, which is still considered the standard impossible, but sincere love. Well, she could not longer tolerate the antics of the «man-feast» what was the poet. Although the end of his days retained both love each other. Sincere, bright, passionate… But life demanded certainty that chronic playboy-alcoholic it to ensure I couldn’t. So I had to admit that she’s better off «With a serious adult man.» Perhaps that is why the letter to the only woman he really loved, was so careful, sincere and tragic. Just listen to the words, the more Retuses happened, perhaps for the first time, not to set off the music to the words. A little aggressive pitch… Exactly what sang Sergei in our days, if he was the leader of one of indie rock groups.

Darted fire blue

If there was a verse, able in an instant to get out of my head impressions and sad alcoholic in a major «Moscow tavern», it «Darted fire blue». In the original it referred to as «Love of the hooligan». It was written in the West, the short life of the poet, in 1923, and is dedicated to not famous Isadora Duncan, and her rival and August of Miklashevskaya. It was such an actress. After an unsuccessful tour through America and the boring, damn not understand Isadora, he wanted something native. Here and turned up a cute beautiful lady who the poet was, to quote one friend, «like monkeys in the jungle». Although it was all as honestly as possible. As not the last «autumn love» in unacceptably short life. And all this depth, as always, sad love gave all the same Retuses. Let the selection is transformed into «an ode to their creativity», but if they have no one better quail, what is there to spoil her silly options. All in this work – from the «Ghost» squeak fur accordion for the timid rhythm section and guitar strings, tender, but not sweet, sad, but not dramatic – is considerable sympathy. As Esenin’s poetry lies on indie music! Especially in this small masterpiece that leaves behind an incredible trail of tangible decadence.


«I was looking at this woman happiness, But I found perdition». So contact us ballerina simple Russian poet: «Let the kisses she is another Young beautiful stuff». Strong poems strong man. Like any work of Esenin, fit perfectly to the music. Although the main feature of Yesenin’s poems is that they all fit perfectly into any musical direction and harmonize well with the style of performance, whether singer Shura. That glorious «Kukryniksy» took the legendary poem and performed in the usual manner. Turned out great, as any song the song «Kukryniksy». And the snippet of «Only you know, send them a dick… I shall Not die, my friend, never» sounds like personal experience of Mr. Gorsheneva.

I stayed one game…

Never thought that someday his name will be mentioned on the pages of our magazine (although we mentioned the Malezhik), but, ladies and gentlemen, Alexander Malinin! Your grandmother loves him for his beautiful songs, and we – for a great musical embodiment of perhaps the most sincere poems. It was written in difficult times – in 1924, shortly before his death. The poet, who was on the verge of madness, was close to a psychotic break and very tired of all the phobias, delusions of persecution and alcoholic diet, began to comprehend his place in life. And what came? So no what good. It does not care that «Swept the notoriety That pig he and the brawler». I don’t care because it’s true and too much attention. But its mission to connect the unconnected – it is not fulfilled. «The white rose with black toad» is not destined to marry, it remains only to believe in God… and it is too late. But not much else. Temporary sanity, desperate, crazy alcoholic, the Creator. And Malinin, thank him for that, completed it exactly as it should be: bravura, «Esenin», screaming and despair to beautiful music. But his variation of the song «I Moscow naughty playboy» is questionable, because it sounds like a scream off Paul McCartney under a broken Ionico.

Never mind the fact that the author looks like a biker-Legolas. It was perestroika, they were catching «wind of freedom» and show off as best he could.


And finally, what do you love the poet, so that even the most backward student begins to consider himself a specialist in his work. «Flavored» poems – your attention. Of course, about love and frustration, caused by the ladies.


Wind blowing from the South

And a month went up,

What are you, b..dugas,

Night did not come?

Did not come at night,

Was not the day.

I think we masturbate?

No! Other E. them!


Do not grieve, dear, and not Achaia,

Life keep, like a horse by the bridle,

Send everyone on HY,

To you are not sent to!


I would be a woman – white, white

Well, but what’s the difference

I pushed her with force to the tree

And ass, ass, ass.

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