Yegor Letov

manygoodtips.com_23.04.2015_3jVbHtgU4Ao08For me as a person – it’s NOTHING, it’s – shit in the hole, the Fig in the pocket. However, he may be able to grow to Great Over nebezi to Eternity-if behind him is formed, stand up, say, the Eternal Idea, the Eternal Truth, the Eternal system of values, coordinates – anything. That is all the value of the individual is equal to the value of the idea which it represents, for which he could die.

Musicians – nature thin, sensitive. They give themselves to the public (the idea without the rest), and that, in turn, listens and thinks, «Well, Nitsche this music shakes». And as a rule, the simpler the music is, the wider range of listeners. Therefore, the tunes about love and life crazy under the synthetic diarrhea, referred to as «chanson», is much more popular than classical music. Therefore, the texts clear, thieving life are considered as texts with meaning. And in the case of Letov was different. It would seem that music very well, not for everyone, but listened to everything from reflexive intelligentsia to the vile plebs. One liked to look for hidden meanings and hidden depths in the texts and the other a large number of mats and deliberately messy music.

He never really was affectionate with his fans. Their relationship is particularly difficult. One group of harsh Siberian punks even gave him zvezdyuley with the words: «what are You doing under Letov mow, bespectacled bloke». Guys, by the way, went to a concert of an idol. He lived in accordance with the established in its dark mysterious mind principles: to shit on people, shit opinions, shit all around. And Russian rock, he put his Siberian bolt, not considering it even for music. Though you can ask anyone on the street, everyone will tell you that business is the guru of Russian rock.

However, this attitude did not alienate people from him, quite the contrary: more and more Gulnara went to his concert, more and more pseudo-intellectuals, imbued with the philosophy of his songs. And in some especially sad cities sacred initials «Coffin» more often than became pop «Tsoi is alive». By the way, their relationship is legendary. Siberians say that Letov once gave Viktor Robertovich unforgettable kicked. Fans of Choi saying the opposite. The truth, as usual, somewhere in the middle. And, most likely, this is another invention of the rock crowd. But the fact remains: Yegor liked «Aluminum cucumbers».

On the impact Letov on the minds of I know firsthand. My buddy, then with grief, yet not really knowing how to cheer grown-up, has got drunk in the school toilets with the same companion in misfortune, then Letova «Coffin» wasn’t listening, and then out of nowhere pulled my lifeless body. Fans so bored, and the musicians gave the audience the sadness in the form of commercially successful tribute album, where all who were not lazy to play in the Studio, familiar songs, recorded one at a time. Yes, many are played before the concert, playing the song «Civil Defense».

And the sky is all exactly the same as if you hadn’t sold.

Letov always was at the hearing, preferring not to communicate with media space. Remained alive the master of the underground, where he knew everyone heard, everyone saw everything. But otherwise, if at the end of the 80s «Everything goes according to plan» sounded from every private iron. Of course, to «Gosteleradio» about to miss that, even speech could not go. Even in the era of the tragic turning point, final and irrevocable. Perhaps, therefore Igor Fedorovich went modest, without pathos and high consoles «our everything», as, probably, should go for such people. Without further lamentations. Huge, ominous, sad Omsk was left without its main attraction.

When I died,

There was no one

Who could disprove it. after he somehow scored the philosophy of «Russian field experiments». Imitators not pulled the current level, and after the «Civil Defense» was all secondary. Although still every day, every second teenager discovers a magical world of sinister sounds from «the Tomb». Of course, the first thing I heard: «Hell Yes I do sing a hundred times better,» but after the second listen to «Everything goes according to plan,» you go get the guitar and try to play as «dirty», as your newfound idol. All the enchantment of a Letov – in this deliberate simplicity, dirt and animal naturalness.

And this sincerity is felt not only sympathetic Russian heart, but also overseas visitors. For anybody not a secret that one of the famous in Russia glossy magazine likes to invite foreign musicians and show them acts of domestic «Pesnyary». So the owner of tinned throat, all Deep Purple bassist Glenn Hughes is imbued with the atmosphere of «eternal spring in solitary confinement». Of course, not having understood a word of Balsha it has Psalms, he admitted that emotionally he was getting through, and he basically realized that the song is clearly not about a happy love.

But some foreigners have gone further and dared to sing songs born of the mysterious Russian soul, before the British public. I decided to take this extravagant act of Elizabeth Fraser, which when worked real magic with his voice in the band Cocteau Twins, and the famous electronics of Massive attack. First, they showed people the gentle song of a former very close friend Letov Dyagilevo the Yankees, and finished the tour in Russian rock folk «Everything is going according to plan.» Of course, no one understood a word. The maximum that they are dismantled – monotonous bleating under the 4 chord, and emerge on the screen of facts about the little group helped the audience to understand what is still going on on the stage. It would be better not done, because these songs need not only to feel but to understand.

Although, on the other hand, who better to «Civil defense» will give the essence of Russian rock? Shevchuk? Kinchev? Naumenko? Of course not. Just «Coffin» combines the best of what characterizes the genre: the lack of voice, a combination of a dirty Mat with a deeply lyrical quotes, bad sound and sincerity. Letov has not appeared on TV, participated in public protests, not climb on barricades. He remained a dark deity of the underground. Although politics was not alien to him, and cheerful rigmarole, which he had made with Limonov, Dugin and Verbitsky was another performance and experiment than a serious political move. But the way the singing Letov attracted the attention of hundreds of young Gulnara and pseudonoise. So rustle the guys brought.

I don’t think my songs are songs of an adult. My songs are songs of an animal. These are songs some kid, which brought to a condition when it the machine is hand picked, so to speak.

manygoodtips.com_23.04.2015_GKIstFlfsGCNvAnd yet, following the cultural experts, critics and other junk people try to understand what is the beauty of this infernal personality as Letov? What his songs are catchy? Not only a large number of Mata and his transition to outright screaming vocals. It’s all in the text. In every song, in every album, from the epic «one Hundred years of solitude» to work on the project «Communism» meaning more than, as it is not sad, songs such a large group like Deep Purple. Except that to compare music Egorka with the works of Blackmore and Lorida just archirecture, for, as the proverb says, it is wrong to equate the ass with a hedgehog.

But some dictionary form has acquired a life and live independently, away from the songs themselves. Some of them pretend to be a literary masterpiece «Eternity smells like oil», «Eternal spring in solitary confinement», «Invented the world easier to manage», «Each of us bespontovy cake». The most insulting that all these phrases, even the most absurd ones, like «the rifle is a holiday, all the flies in a pussy», incredibly accurately reflects everything that happens around. These strange metaphors hides the unbearable lightness of being. Even in one of the darkest tracks, «About the fool», is based almost entirely on folk sayings and curses, phrases are composed so, that leaves the literary masterpiece that carries more value than the entire Russian pop music.

At first glance it may seem that Igor Fedorovich – the foul-mouthed rednecks. Yes, I love the people hanging from the balcony of your accommodation in Omsk and send everyone 3 known letters. In fact, Letov loved a lot of reading and listening, respectively, in many interviews, the subject often mentioned the various names unfamiliar to the average listener of his work. Amid references Letov different names of the classics of literature, cinema and music, around was to form a contingent of students who, following the idol sought to read various writers, whose names will not say anything even the library.

If you want to see Letov as a full-fledged Creator, one meeting «GO» will not be enough. Do not have to go into the jungle and explore the moment when he played the guitar in Kuryokhin «Pop-mechanics», although to hear her strongly recommended. Moreover, at the time, Kuryokhin said about Egorka following:

It is undeniable that a very good person and undoubtedly talented, I really don’t know what is.Just listen to «Sowing», «Communism», «Egor and opizdenevshie», «enemy of the People», «Adolf Hitler». It is surprising to know that Yegor knows how to write really lyrical songs. Oh, and just fun to watch his collaboration with his brother Sergei is a wonderful and very famous saxophonist.

Here is Yegor Letov. Controversial, angry and talented. Real childfree, as evidenced by these words:

If I had a kid, I would have the rest of your life to take care of him-to play, to raise him to be responsible for his stupidity, etc. to Afford it can not, as a busy man, and busy with things far more important and interesting. In addition, I believe that the child you have is born is an independent individual soul, to do with you has not, by and large, and come to you just because your environment it is most convenient for their own growth. In addition, there is now a cantankerous, nasty and sinister human overpopulation on our planet, and increase its domestic debt to me will not allow it.This is the strange person who wrote the strange, popular music. Punk was always surprised encountering instead of six-foot drunk slender glasses. And he sent them to hell, they are adhering to the specified landmark «I’ll always be against» and continued to make very accurate diagnoses of the surrounding society. As for example:»Loves our people any shit», «who is more black and the Jew», and much more scary, but most importantly — very accurate. But a mockery of the grandfather Lenin, disintegrated in «mold and lime honey» is rather a relic of the past and personal view of former dissident and patient Omsk psychiatric clinics.

Well, to get to know twilight genius of Russian rock, listen to ten of his favorite songs and many things will become clear.

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – I Put A Spell On You

The Tornados – Telstar

Bob Dylan – Like A Rolling Stone

Donovan – Celeste

Love – Alone Again Or

Strawberry Alarm Clock – Incense and Peppermints

The Velvet Underground – Venus In Furs

The Who – Pictures Of Lily

Tomorrow – Hallucinations

Neil Young – Heart Of Gold


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