Yeah mon! The Life Of Bob Marley

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Bob Marley died 11 may 1981. He was a legend or even more. We know very few people who don’t like Bob, and those who know him adore. He too is a positive guy!

Today we will tell about Bob Marley facts. This will remind the system FAQ.

Why Bob Marley didn’t get a haircut and hadn’t shaved

Bob Marley was born in Jamaica, on a green island. On the Caribbean coast originated his religion — rastafarianism and his music is reggae. And now every self-respecting Jamaican Negro is trying to be like Bob Marley.

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Romantic Bay Runaway bay — the landing of Columbus to Jamaica. It is here that the caravels first reached the shore, and from here went past the Spaniard, when the British took their Jamaica. Now the island as sung in the famous song, «draw» and «no man’s Bay», ruins, rusty cargo ship «Amazon», shabby cafe, which is known as is called — the walls are painted different words: «Columb», «Sunny», «Runaway bay», «Selassie». And just as ugly, but roughly carved on the wooden door: «Nasty, dirty, terrible.» «Selassie is the one who brought me to such a life, he is the one who pointed me in the right way!» — reggae with cafes spread over the Bay. Sings, of course, Bob Marley.

The owner rejects derigny the canopy and out to the visitors. His hair is like matted shreds of tow, as it happens between the logs of the old farmhouse. He speaks slowly, the words difficult to go through a fixed full lips, but still he answers all questions. It turns out, the nigger of the host name is Sunny, and Runaway Bay — the place where we are at this point in time, which, however, flows like the sand, because there is no past, and the future has not yet arrived. Selassie Ethiopian Emperor, who once came to Jamaica, Rastaman he’s a prophet and Viceroy of God ja.

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Sonny is still not a Rastafarian, he is only preparing to adopt the religion, rites is still not practicing, not ripe. He still «dreads-Lux» (dread lacks) — «unruly hair.» Dreadlocks for Rastafarian antenna to the spiritual world, a means of communication with God. Sonny never combs and cuts hair, but wash them and lubricate oil another time. Washes shampoos not (in his opinion, it is harmful), while a decoction of the leaves of the soap tree.

The most pleasant duty of a Rastaman — the non-gandiva-sa, Ganji (one of the names of Indian hemp) — Sonny performs regularly. Soon he will forgo meat will begin to observe the ceremonies will include a soldier in a military built on the principle of hierarchy Rasta, and invited him to a merry gathering of bananana. Sonny knows that the Emperor of Ethiopia Haile Selassie died? Knows. And knows him personally shot from a gun a friend of the Soviet Union comrade Mengistu Haile Mariam, and then ordered to bury the corpse under the floor of his office? No, such details Sonny doesn’t know, but realize that Selassie lived in luxury and behaved immodestly, and why people could be offended. Such a life, and the prophets sometimes die. That Bob Marley died, and he was a prophet. Sonny doesn’t want to live and die like Selassie, he wants to live and die like Bob Marley.

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Rastafari is a religion of Jamaican Negroes, close to the Ethiopian Christianity: a six-pointed star, king Solomon, Queen of Sheba. The main difference is the exterior and smoke Ganja. Rastaman wears a knitted hat three Ethiopian colors — black, red and yellow, or the same color takes under Che Guevara, or a nifty hat with a visor. Under the cap hides paleobasin MOP of unkempt hair. To end the life of another Rastaman is on his head five or seven pounds of dreadlocks. But the strange thing is, you will not see Jamaica balding Rasta. Perhaps the experience rastamanov proves that combing and cutting hair lead to their loss. Anyone can argue to ask the Indians-Sikhs who do not cut their hair, among them are bald. Sikhs, unlike Rasta, comb hair with a metal comb and cover your hair (or bald head), the turban.

Rastafarians are required to comply with prohibitions: don’t eat pork, shellfish, fish without scales, do not smoke tobacco (just Ganja), drink rum and wine, not to use salt, vinegar, milk, not to gamble. Because God is Jah created man in his image and likeness, then any distortion of the divine image by sin, including haircut and shave.

Bob Marley was a Rasta, so not sheared, not shaved and did other things, what is not told him to do his God Jah.

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Why Bob Marley died with a joint in your mouth?

Rastafarian — religion fashion: denim pants, t-shirts with Bob, wool pants, hats, dreadlocks. In recent years, the number of white fans of Rastafarians has greatly increased. They are everywhere: in London, new York, Amsterdam. Enough Rastafari is in Moscow. Smoking marijuana free sex, reggae, principled laziness, dancing gait — is a childhood disease: it is not necessary to go to school, lying in bed, reading a book about pirates, drink cough medicine, eat an orange. But the next day bothers to get sick, I want in the yard to walk, and in school too.

Every Jamaican tastefully Koster Americans. Damn Yankees chase of drug traffickers to poor people to give life, and themselves in California are grown in three times more than Jamaica! If a Jamaican smokes Ganja, brew at night from insomnia and quite sincerely believes that tobacco kills much faster. Hemp is the herb of wisdom, so consider these guys. According to their legend, it rose on the grave of king Solomon. And the Ganja helps asthma and glaucoma! But it is because they believe, as we do not much think so.

Maybe asthmatics in Jamaica and no. But troubled individuals with unclaimed bulging eyes a lot.

And Bob Marley was buried with a joint in his mouth.

For a long time blacks did not come to Essaouira on their own. But in the late sixties in Essaouira appeared Jimi Hendrix. According to one version, he was attracted by the fresh beauty of the city and the desire to establish a City of Freedom, on the other — caught heart has called him there, where he lost his ancestors. Let’s not forget that by this time, one Hendrix Bob Marley has become a Rastafarian and strongly suggested all blacks go back to Africa.

Marley spent six months in an American jail for a joint, and in Morocco in those years I found plenty of cheap hashish and there were no laws against Smoking pot. In short, set out to Jimi Hendrix to buy a couple of blocks of Essaouira and a suburban village for a beach holiday, and no obstacle had not arisen: the Jews, who made up about half of the population of the city, thousands went to Israel, and the Arab population has been slow to settle in the empty house.

In a cafe Rial Amadine Jimi Hendrix smoked cannabis, drank: cherry vodka and wrote songs, the most famous of which — «Castle in the sand». He played the guitar and could not play in the usual way in magical Essaouira and therefore threw the guitar behind his back, wringing his hands and his long fingers were controlled with strings and back. When he was bored with playing, he was levitating. Senior Maitre d ‘ Rial Amadine recalls how as a boy he watched levitating a black man, and remembers why lie: Jimi Hendrix was floating a few inches above the carpet.

Bob marley1723023958Jimmy asked Bob Marley: come to us, brother, together we will rise above the world! Bob gathered, arrived in Casablanca. But at the airport he was detained: too many visas, hashish, and several large bags. He said, «Why so much pull? We buy the best in the world — from the city of Ktema». And Bob answered: «I Know your hash, he stinks of perfume». He said, «Kamsky half price is not against Jamaica, and if the person used to smoke Jamaican weed, nor the other he would not change». He said, «assuming you’re right, when you’re right, but you’re wrong, because polovini stocks: half we’ll pick you up and half out of respect for you, miss, that’s a compromise we allow with our side.» And Bob said, «them I’m going home». He was not inclined to compromise, I thought that messing with him, and made a big mistake. Moroccans differ from other Arabs outward calm, so in Morocco is easy to get wrong: man calm, but in fact is furious and nervous. The nature of the Moroccans explosive, and you never know when they will explode. Bob Marley had a few too many assaults, and he himself is not missed, and the native hashish seized. Got a Moroccan proverb: «a Stubborn bull is always muddy water drinking».


Bob then upset I did not get to Morocco. It is easy to learn levitation, especially if you’re a Negro. That Jimmy Hendrix was a quick study. He went to Marrakech, there in front of Medina to the sound of castanets, and howling deaf horns jump Negros STA with a mysterious sect of acrobats. Dancers desperately spinning, jumping and chanting sacred words that the end of the dance his eyes rolled, his hands hang whips. And then they sit down as if to rest and fall into this religious trance. Some mumble something under his breath, others simply do not move, others are looking through the body, sheds and walls and see what others invisible. In this state for long and to take off. Jimmy and soared.

And Bob Marley wrapped at the airport, so he never learned to levitate.

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