Yandex helped to know that a guy cheating on his woman

treason and Google1584606063

Amazing discoveries happen with us sometimes. And sometimes even with cards of Yandex. And who said that it’s a bad card?

Marina Voinova once they were looking for an address on the cards, when one of the photographs she had seen that much spoiled her mood.

Her beloved husband, Sasha, were pictured with a woman, cuddling and happy. Marina learned the guy on plaster. The couple has been together for five years.

When Sasha came to his home after work, Marina called him on Skype and asked me to find this address. In the video, Marina saw Alexander’s face changed. It all became clear. The girl waited for an explanation. At first she was blaming myself that I went online to search, but then I realized that Google is not guilty of infidelity guys. By the way, unlike Google, Yandex does not blur faces of people photographed on the street, so dude, remember, the secret always becomes clear, and don’t change ladies, it is somehow unworthy.

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