Yakki – those who have replaced hipsters

Poradi.yak.ua_1.07.2015_2LlDE86dBJ4c7The news that the U.S. remained on the sidelines of history which is composed over the last few years the foundations. Just like in the history books. Passionary ethnogenesis. Hipsters peaked and began to think, where to go? And move it can. Crisis, collapse, reflection and hypothermia lane. Into the arena came a younger group of individuals, more daring and more tenacious… But how tenacious she is, time will tell. This group is called «yakki». So they called David Infante, the author of the American edition of Mashable. In fact, he identified them as a subculture, and that means thousands of hipsters will immediately rush to transform into yakki. But to Russia it will reach immediately. The local hipsters will wallow and cling to life like a Neanderthal that got lost among the ancestors of modern humans. Therefore, it is too late, will look on the shelves of the most vzbalamutil all Internet yakki.

Who are

Despite the fact that the streets haven’t been girls in black and pink dresses and boys with long bangs, we used to think that the members of the subculture have to cut the eye with their brightness. However, it is not so. Just now they are more cultured or something. Now it is not necessary to have an explicit external characteristics in order to position itself as a party subculture. Here yakki just like that. Translates to «yakki» (Yuccies) as Young Urban Creatives – young, urban, creative.»


Of course, it came from the same generation Y. But neither hipsters nor yuppies they identify themselves do not want.

In a nutshell, this youth, born in the narrow-minded comfort that believes in the extraordinary power of education, infected with the belief that you need to not only follow their dreams, but to benefit from it. More than just the creative class who became a hipster, but focused, more creative and more looking for from their work primarily benefits young people.


They don’t care what they’re wearing. To get rich quickly and stay creatively independent is a dream of every yakki. So they threw themselves into the maelstrom of startups, avoiding the traditional method of doing business. They strive to be successful as the yuppies and creative as hipsters.


By the way, on creativity. My Kingdom for creativity. A business (of course, if there is one) needs to go beyond the rational. If you sell clothing, it has to be sewn solely from the carcasses of sewer rats, if the services at the level of sales of own family members by the hour, for business purposes. Even if it is a regular master of ceremonies, deftly hidden under the beautiful phrase «leading events», it needs or run naked, or have contests, like «who will feed the starving African children». No less. It is not always creative, if only it was unusual and new. And there should be creativity. And recognition. Or a lot of money, or the recognition of creativity – one of the two. Although this is inherent in almost all. Anyway, for yakki death to die of boredom in a boring office. But wait, didn’t we observed the same thing when all the polls rushed into freelancing?

Yuppies get passion for luxury and antiabolitionist with individualism, hipsters, put some confidence Millennials – get yakki.


The character of this subspecies is firmer than peas. Yakki continue to use cynicism to your advantage. Now it is fashionable to be cynical, but they exploited the fashionable trend. He look to be yakki means to be self-centered cynic who can only exist in the absence of problems. For example, if the yakki is a journalist or a writer, he writes in the first place for approval, for fame. Not really all bloggers are yakki? Or every second student, rivet posts on the page to «VK»?

In the end

Read the testimony of yakki, immediately catches the eye, with what zeal they list its quite pathetic merits, and how loud they yell, what they say they are not hipsters. In fact, they are the same ones hipsters. No, the real hipsters, not very long ago. They disappeared just when chipset came into Vogue. Yakki same no different. All their explanations of its uniqueness I can find in every second my friend, diligently ascribe themselves to the cohort history. It turns out that yakki is mutated yuppies and hipsters? No, it’s very simple: people who want to stand out and don’t like to see them added to existing subcultures. But the desire for features not spawned anything interesting. In fact, practical people who despise kitsch for kitsch, much more than it may seem. People looking for recognition or benefit from their activities even more. So any normal person doing it. Combine them in a separate subculture, kind of strange. Rather, it is characteristic of the generation which replaced the notorious yuppie.

On the other hand, they have indisputable advantages. They will not clog with tattoos all visible parts of the body (probably those who want to become yakki, begin to wash them) will not grow a beard, and bald hair will once again become the usual attributes, except that of the priests, and will not be fawning over rarity, forcing a adoration, at the sight of the book of the 65th year of publication. Yakki, rather, the innovators. So, they unpretentious clothes, but do not be surprised if soon there will be boutiques with a purely «acceskey» clothing.

What to expect

We need such innovators? Yes, God forbid! And so we have there is no rescue from the «creative youth», which flooded the market over the past 5 years. As a rule, if something good becomes popular, then its quality drops sharply, interest in it decreases, and it finds no response neither in the heart nor in the minds of the public. It’s the same with creativity. Would-be hacks and would-be designers who dream about the recognition and big earnings, and so at every step. And now they will be even more. However, the majority will not care about the rules. They will work in the office, are originally from the provinces, although the real yakki come from wealthy families who live in the center of large cities. They are to dress fashionably and be so creative that we all pull to puke. All the foundations are forgotten. Will get accustomed to this subculture or not, only time will tell. We wish them the main thing – to keep a narrow focus and does not deteriorate, as happened with jobstoday. They would be nice.

P. S. If you found the signs yakki, then… don’t Even know, to rejoice it or not. Perhaps, humble yourself and relax.

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