Xperia tipo dual is the first phone from Sony that supports two SIM-cards

Xperia tipo dual is the first device from Sony, which has support for two SIM-cards for those bro who love a variety of communication. But not so long ago appeared the first information about the new phone with two SIM cards from Sony Xperia E dual, code numbers C1605. The first data appeared in the database of the organization POSTEL.

About the new product we know very little, man. But while we can say that it’s cheap and angry variant purely for communication, because of contemporary requests such a thing is not suitable. On Board the Sony Xperia E dual SoC chipset from Qualcomm MSM7225A on the basis of the single-core Snapdragon S1 with a clock frequency of 1 GHz, and the device screen resolution is only 320 by 480 pixels. To operate the device is running the operating system Android 4.0.4.

In fact, the novelty is slightly better than its predecessor. The author of this article does not understand the love of people to a lot of sevens, so the usefulness of new items coming to understand.

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